John Latini of Pennsylvania trained with The Elijah Challenge via YouTube videos as well as in person at the Virginia Training Center in February 2013

Other reports from John Latini


I honestly could write you a 3-page email with everything that has been occurring over the past few months but due to time I will only highlight the past several weeks.  On Monday, May 20th I was driving home praying and worshipping Jesus and while praying (in my mind) I saw a gentlemen whom I will call Jim and I was casting a spirit of oppression out of him.  What I saw in my mind only lasted 5-6 seconds.   

The phone call to Jim who had an unclean spirit

After seeing this I called Jim on his cell phone and informed him that he might think this is crazy but I must tell him what I saw while I was praying.  After informing Jim what I saw the phone was dead silent.  I asked Jim if he was there and he said “Yes” Jim then said you are not going to believe this but 3 weeks ago my brother who is a minister in Long Island called me stating I had to come to see him in Long Island as I have a spirit of oppression attacking me and he needs to cast it out in Jesus Name.  Jim then said I will be in your office tomorrow afternoon between 3:00 and 3:30 pm. 

Jim healed the next day

I looked at Jim and I hear lower back & knee problem in my mind.  I ask Jim if he has a problem with his lower back and his knee and Jim says “YES – I am in pain everyday from a motorcycle accident 4 years ago.”  I said, “Jim, I need to pray over your knee and lower back.”  I placed my hand on his knee and said, “in Jesus’ name I speak life to this knee, all cartilage be restored, joint be healed right now.”  I then said, “in Jesus’ name I command the discs out of place in the back to line up and all pain to leave.”  Jim felt tingling and heat all over his body and he was instantly healed of all pain.

Then Jim was set free from an unclean spirit of suicide

I then informed Jim that I needed to cast out this spirit of oppression.  Jim said, “well, I want to tell you what has been going on.”  Jim said 3 years ago my wife passed away very unexpectedly and since then my life has stopped.  I sit home every night with no motivation and over the past few weeks have considered suicide because I hate living without her and I cannot move on.  I asked Jim to please stand-up and I placed my hand on his shoulder – I said “IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME you spirit of oppression, you demonic spirit I command you to leave Jim right now.” Jim jumped back almost 3 feet and said (very loudly) it felt like Velcro was completely ripped off of his body.  Jim was crying and praising Jesus and saying he felt much lighter.  Three hours later Jim called me stating the heat and tingling he was feeling in my office was still all over him.  Weeks later, Jim is completely healed and set free.  He has rededicated his life to Jesus and wants to help people in need!!! (JESUS IS SO AWESOME.)

Parents of daughter’s friend healed on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day I had to go pick up my daughter from her friend’s house, and I also was going to fill-up the propane tank for our gas grill. I arrived at the friend’s house and Dave (her stepfather) answered the door.  While I was talking to Dave I heard in my Spirit (sciatic problem).  I asked Dave, by any chance do you have a problem with your sciatic?  Dave says “Yes, I was just at the doctor’s a few days ago as the pain is horrible.”  The doctor told him to stop keeping a wallet in his jeans while driving as it was making his sciatic worse.  Dave then says “why do you ask?” I said Dave I know you are a believer but I want to show you something – I placed my hand on his back and said in Jesus’ name I command this sciatic nerve to be completely healed. 

Dave said, “OH MY GOD – I felt some kind of tingling and the pain is completely gone.”  His wife Abbey was watching and she says “John, I have bad lower back problems.” I said: “Abbey, sit in the chair as many times you have a disc out of place causing one leg to be shorter that the other.” Abbey sat down and her right leg was about an inch shorter than her left. I said, “In Jesus’ name right leg be healed right now.” She feels her right leg being extended out, and all her pain leaves. Both Dave and Abbey were completely healed. (A week later Abbey called Sue Ellen stating they still had no pain and now believe in healing). 

Attendant healed during gas station stop

After picking my daughter up we head about 5 miles to the gas station to get the propane tank filled.  An elderly gentleman comes out and I inform him I needed the propane tank filled.  I notice he is limping badly and ask him what was wrong.  The gentleman says he needs a knee replacement, all cartilage is gone but cannot afford it.  After he fills the tank I walk inside the gas station to pay with a credit card and I asked him if I could show him something? The gentleman says sure – I bent down put my hand on his knee and said “In Jesus name I speak life to the knee, all cartilage be restored right now, pain leave.”  The gentleman takes a step back and says, “Wow, I can feel the energy.” I said, “That’s Jesus.” I ministered one more time, and he was completely healed, with no more limp and no more pain!


Alzheimer’s, dementia and osteoarthritis

Several months ago I received an email from a gentleman named Frank Viegas – this gentleman said he saw a few of my posts on Facebook and was wondering if I would be willing to minister to his father who had Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Osteoarthritis (he could barely move due to pain).  Frank’s email stated that they live in Rhode Island and he doesn’t know anyone who ministers to the sick to whom he could bring his Father .  I emailed Frank my cell number and said I would absolutely minister to his Father.  Frank said he doesn’t live with his Father and Mother as he lives in NY and asked if his mother could call me.  I again said absolutely. 

I did not hear from Frank again until May 28th.  He emailed me asking if his mother could call me on Thursday, May 30th after 8 pm.  I informed Frank I would be available.  At 8:45 pm on Thursday, May 30th Frank’s Mother called me on my cell.  We talked for about 15 minutes and I was sharing quite a few testimonies and just sharing the Kingdom of God.  She then asked if I would pray over her husband (Frank Sr.) and I said absolutely – she put her phone on speaker and I asked her to place her hands on Frank Sr. as an act of faith while I ministered.  I ministered for about 20 minutes – breaking the curse of Alzheimer’s and arthritis, commanding the cells to be restored in his brain, commanding and speaking life to his body. 

When I finished Frank Sr. stated that all his pain was gone, and he was up moving around.  His wife was crying and thanking me – I told her it is all Jesus!!!!  On May 31st  (the next day) at 4:04 pm I received the following email from Frank Jr (the son):

John,  I just spoke with my mom… she said my Dad has been up moving around and doesn’t have any pain in his body (GREAT NEWS!) As far as the Alzheimer’s she said we will have to wait and see but the amazing thing is he is remembering things that he could not do before.  She is going to keep an eye on him and let me know but again is already showing improvement. I really want to thank you for helping my family…. Words cannot express how grateful we are!  (THIS CHANGES YOUR LIFE)


Jerry healed miraculously

Yesterday a gentleman named Jerry came to me and said “John, I have been hearing some incredible things about you praying over people – that you are a healer!”  I informed Jerry that I am a son and Jesus is the Healer.  Jerry said “well, I have severe pain in my shoulder and I cannot lift my arm over my head at all.”  Jerry asked if I would pray over him.  I said absolutely – I placed my hands on his shoulder and said “In Jesus’ name I speak life to this shoulder, every tendon, ligament and joint be healed.”  I asked Jerry if he could feel anything while I was ministering, and he said that he could feel tremendous heat and tingling inside his shoulder. 

I then asked Jerry what the pain level was at before I started ministering ,and he said 7-8 (out of 10).  After I ministered the first time Jerry was in awe as the pain dropped to a level of 3.  After I ministered the 3rd time I literally felt power leave my hands and Jerry could lift his arm over his head with no pain at all.  (I was immediately reminded of the time the woman touched Jesus and he felt the healing power leave him).  Jerry went across the street showing everyone how he was healed by Jesus.  Lifting his hand in the air and waving it around at everyone!


My life totally changed

This has totally changed my life and it truly has become an honor to be a son and share our Father’s Kingdom with the lost!  What I wrote above is truly only part of everything that has been going on, and my wife even stated I have to start keeping record of each healing since they are happening daily.  This life is awesome and I truly want to thank you both for being such a blessing to me and Sue Ellen.  The one thing I have learned is there is no limitations with God!!!

Over 40 people have been healed in the past 3 weeks!!!  JESUS IS MY EVERYTHING AND I AM CONSUMED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!