New York City, New York
Sunday Evening, April 22, 2012


At the Healing Service in the Marriott Hotel in the middle of amazing Times Square, the Lord moved with power as He did at Mt. Carmel during the time of Elijah to demonstrate to the people that He is the true God—and not the god behind witchcraft. There was no evidence of the power of witchcraft at the meeting as threatened to disrupt or to do anything else; but the power of God to heal the infirm was evident. As the disciples trained earlier on Friday and Saturday ministered to them, several infirm people were healed and testified. Among the testimonies was one from a woman whose vision was blurry because of glaucoma. She was able to see clearly after disciples ministered to her. Unclean spirits were cast out of a man suffering from a bipolar condition. There were other testimonies as well.

Earlier in the afternoon at Glory Tabernacle in Queens we dedicated The New York Elijah Challenge Training Center. Brother Joseph White and Pastor Mel Melato are directing the Center. Disciples had come from New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, and Minnesota as well as from New York for the Friday and Saturday Training. The response from the participating disciples was extremely enthusiastic and encouraging. Several of them had been healed from various infirmities during the Training sessions. Among other miraculous healings, cysts on a woman’s thyroid had disappeared. Another woman’s weak heart beat—she could not even feel her pulse—became strong. A pastor’s poor eyesight was restored.

Testimony from Pastor Neil P. following the Training

“I would like for you to come to Atlantic City to teach the Elijah Challenge.  I feel in my spirit to launch a crusade this year, and I know healing, deliverance, and miracles will be vital.  Nevertheless, what would be our requirement for you to come to Atlantic City?  My spiritual mother has told me that you are not like other ministries and do not require much…however I do believe we must give honor to whom it is due. Thanks again.”

My testimonies:

“The day after we left The Elijah Challenge training, there was a woman oppressed with a demonic spirit.  As you taught, I immediately commanded the spirit to come out of the woman.  God revealed that it was a spirit of addiction, so I commanded the spirit of addiction to come out of the woman.  She began to retreat, and crawl towards the center aisle of the church.  Prior to the training, I would have spoken in tongues, and prayed for her deliverance; however with the training it made me aware that I have the authority.  So I commanded the spirit to stop retreating, and be still…and again I commanded the spirit of addiction to come out.  And it did.  And to this day, she told me that she has had the best rest in a very long time.

Another testimony…involving a young man who was involved in a gang.  I met him while he was paying his warrants and fines.  He told me he desired a new start in life, while we were talking I noticed he kept rubbing his chest.  He said he had been having chest pains for the past three weeks.  Due to the environment, I could not publicly command the pain to go.  But I said very quietly..pain go…and healing come forth…and as we continued our conversation…he said he felt an electrical shock in his chest.  I told him that he just been healed by Jesus Christ.  And God not only healed him from his physical pain but his emotional pain as well.  He accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

That same day…a woman was having a seizure…police and medical staff ran to assist her.  They attempted to give her oxygen, but she was moving too much for them to give her the mask.  Again, I whispered seizure go now…woman be healed…immediately the woman stopped seizing,,,and communicated with medical staff as if nothing even happened.”