June 2012 Elijah Challenge Training in Houston

A gentleman named Dick G. came to the first session of The Elijah Challenge Training at the invitation of one of the participants, a friend of his at work. Dick had had four stents placed in his arteries to treat breathing problems and pain above his heart. During the demonstration of healing at the session, Dick came forward for healing. Two brothers, including the one who had invited him, came forward to minister healing to him. As they laid hands over Dick’s heart, Lucille led them in exercising their authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

After the first time of ministry, Dick reported still feeling pain in his heart. They ministered to him a second time. After the second time there was no more pain. We asked him to run around the sanctuary. He did so. Returning to us at the front, he testified that his heart felt fine. Normally Dick would have felt definite adverse consequences.

A week later Dick went to see his Houston-based cardiologist Dr. Leachman for tests. The next day Dr. Leachman called Dick to inform him that all the tests showed that his heart was completely normal. 


 Various stents placed in arteries