“I just want to share my experience since I recently received The Elijah Challenge Training [“live” and in person] after watching the YouTube videos several times. The teaching was so in tune with my spirit it didn’t take me long to realize it was my next step towards the work I was preparing to undertake in the Third World. I’m currently preparing to travel to Africa and India to share the Training with leaders, pastors, and lay people as I work towards reaching the lost for the Kingdom of God. Going to the live Advanced Training was awesome in that my understanding and faith increased tremendously. I feel equipped for the task and the joy set before me.

Also it is refreshing to experience a powerful ministry that gives everything away free, even the personal training in was free. …I will be leaving the US in a few months. If it is your heart’s desire to reach the lost with miracles of healing and deliverance [first] watch the videos, and then go to the live training when God opens the door. Here’s a link to my web site for info regarding how I will be using The Elijah Challenge Training.”

-Alan Robinson, Orlando
September 2014

Alan’s subsequent reports from Africa

151 people miraculously healed in Elijah Challenge Training in Tanzania & Kenya

Pastors request Elijah Challenge Training after seeing infirmities healed in Jesus’ name

African pastor trained by Alan sees all healed miraculously as in the time of Jesus Christ

Alan Robinson teaches Elijah Challenge in Africa: many healed & saved!

“The training is going forward and gaining momentum as more pastors are hearing about it. My goal is very realistic, I  plan to train a minimum of 1000 servants of God in 2016.”  -Alan on December 30, 2015