Steve Hernandez trained with The Elijah Challenge in May 2016 at God’s Church in Victoria, TX

“As we continue to seek new disciples in Victoria, God continues to perform his miraculous healings. There has been on an average of 2-3 miracles per week. Here’s a report on a few of them…

An Associate Pastor contacted us about performing a “cleansing” from unclean spirits on a family member and for their home. We preached the gospel to their daughter and prayed over her for deliverance. Then we performed a “cleansing” on the whole house with authority in the name of Jesus. The daughter’s infants were always uncomfortable, crying in the middle of the night, along with very unpleasant situations in the home on a daily basis. That night the whole family slept peacefully and quietly. The Pastor informed me that his daughter and her children are now doing great. Her lifestyle has changed for the better, and she now has a job.

While visiting a friend at his home, he stepped off his breakfast barstool and his knee suddenly gave out. He had had both knees replaced in recent years. So he asked me to pray over his knee for healing—his pain was at 10+ on a scale of 0 to 10. I told him that I had not prayed over artificial knees, but I believed that nothing is impossible for God! After praying over his knee twice he was totally painless and fine. This was his first knee issue since he had his replacements.

Received a call from a cousin in Lafayette, Louisiana to pray over his brother who was depressed, sad, worried, concerned, etc., because of much needed heart surgery due to blockage. We preached the gospel of salvation to him, and prayed over him a couple of days prior to surgery. He went to his surgery strong, confident, willingly and full of faith. His surgery was a success and he is presently recuperating at home. I will continue to lead him to build his relationship with God and hopefully to become a new disciple of our Lord Jesus.

My sister-in-law reached out to us to pray over a friend who was in a couple of hospitals for weeks and was sent home because he needed a liver replacement. We planned a trip out of town to go minister healing to him, but our vehicle broke down forcing us to cancel the trip. The next day we decided to minister healing to him over the phone so there would be no further delay. We preached the gospel of salvation to him and prayed over him for the healing of his liver disease, deliverance from unclean spirits, and the restoration of his liver. He started feeling better immediately. The next day he was even better. He has been walking around, eating well, his skin color normal, and presently continues to improve. We will know more as he visits his doctors.

A few days later, my sister-in-law calls again for healing prayer once more. This time it’s for her. She was experiencing a re-occurrence of her stomach problem, but now in a very severe and painful way. I had prayed over her twice in the past for the same problem, and she was temporary healed. This time we explained to her why it kept coming back. So we preached the gospel of salvation to her—after which we prayed over her. A few hours later the same day she called my wife and was thanking Jesus for her healing. She is presently well and continues to build her relationship with God.

This morning I went to our Friday morning men’s prayer meeting. There were ten of us present. I was a little late and did not notice that one of the brothers had had surgery on his right ankle. When we got ready to leave, I noticed the brother reach for his cane. I asked him what happened. He replied that the simple bone surgery he had just undergone had failed, and now his doctors were waiting for the swelling to subside in order for them to repeat the surgery and hopefully correct the problem. So I asked if I could minister healing to him, and he agreed. At that moment his pain level was at about 7. I prayed over his ankle once and the pain level diminished to about 3. He still needed a cane to take a couple of steps. So I told him to sit down again after which I ministered to him in Jesus’ name a second time. I then told him to get up and walk without the cane. He got up, walked without the cane, and gave thanks to Jesus. We walked together to his car with me holding his cane. I introduced him to The Elijah Challenge. He agreed to review the website and work together with me to learn how to minister healing in Jesus’ name for the sake of the gospel. The Holy Spirit had led me back to this group about a month ago. Now I understand His purpose.

All glory and praise to God in Jesus’ name through the Holy Spirit who works through us. We are always looking for and seeking out the next opportunity for us to serve Him.”

October 2016