Jay Bartlett attended The Elijah Challenge Training in June 2008

April 1, 2012

“I’m currently in New York City conducting open air gospel meetings—preaching before many thousands in Times Square! Furthermore, holding some deliverance meetings where we are equipping believers to cast out demons and to heal the sick. Now, many of these disciples are going forth and ministering! Brings great joy to my heart!

Your faithfulness to God’s work—in equipping the saints– has born much fruit and many of us appreciate your work for the Kingdom! God bless!”

Jay’s report can be accessed at: http://www.deliveranceblog.org/index.php/2012/04/02/powerful-acts-of-the-holy-spirit-in-nyc-tens-of-thousands-reached-with-the-good-news/

An excerpt from this blog:

“The past few days here in New York City has been staggering. I have faced many attacks personally but the Spirit of the Lord has empowered me to proclaim the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to tens of thousands. God is faithful. As you might recall from my report on Thursday evening I preached to thousands outside of Madison Square Garden. On Friday evening I conducted some private deliverance meetings where precious souls traveled great distances to find freedom from satanic bondage and literally hundreds of thousands of demons were expelled in the name of Jesus. On Saturday, I held 3 more open air meetings reaching more then 20,000 with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In one open air meeting alone, we estimate, more than 10,000 souls were given the opportunity to hear of God’s love! To think that in just a few days we reached these kinds of large sized live audiences is incredible! Jesus made it happen! As I have shared with you before it is very difficult to conduct such open air meetings –the spiritual pressure that opposes you is quite intense– however the Holy Spirit empowered me and was able to reach many thousands! Not only are we seeing the gospel go forth in power but the Lord’s disciples are being equipped for the ministry and carrying out the works of Jesus too!”