November 2013

“I personally needed to grow in this area, because, as you are very well aware, there is very little training with regard to healing using authority as a way to invite people into the kingdom. So the Lord led me to John Wimber who has written some very helpful material on this, but also an equipping evangelist like yourself, Robby Dawkins. We invited Robby to come minister at our church and equip us in this area, and it greatly helped. 

Last year over 100 people hit the streets to present Jesus in power, in bookstores, Walmart, coffee houses, the mall…and we saw many people healed, and many salvations. So for about 2 years, every week me & several others go out in our community to share the gospel in this way. We have seen so many people healed and saved-we are amazed and honored that the Lord has invited ALL of His disciples to co-labour with him. What a glorious calling and opportunity we have!

The Lord has also opened doors for me to share some within Foursquare, encouraging the pastors to equip the saints for this type of ministry. Some of the pastors have “gotten it” and are starting to teach their people. I am baffled by how misunderstood this topic is, and how so many even within pentecostal churches have abandoned this approach to making disciples! I am praying the Lord will continue to open doors within Foursquare that I can share with other pastors and encourage them to “go for it” and see the same wonderful results we have seen.

Be encouraged—out of the many materials out there, your teaching on this is some of the best I have seen. What makes it so good is how closely you stay with Scripture and how well you illustrate the believer’s authority as it relates to healing. I do hope this encourages you…your teaching online has served me and my congregation well. So even when you are not aware, the Lord is using you to equip the saints by making it available the way you have online. So thank you very much.”

-Bryan, a Foursquare Pastor in North Carolina