The Elijah Challenge in Australia

Hosted by Elijah Challenge South Australia

Adelaide is a coastal city in the state of South Australia

View from Mt. Lofty: Adelaide and the sea beyond

Evangelistic Healing Outreach in Whitmore Square

Saturday afternoon following the last session of Basic Training II, we held an evangelistic healing outreach in Whitmore Square, a public park in downtown Adelaide. Usually 50-60 homeless people will attend such events in the park. But Saturday afternoon there was an Aussie rules football game on TV, and few homeless people showed up. Nearly all those who came were believers who had just been trained.

But nevertheless the gospel was preached. Then we asked the Lord to demonstrate the truth of the gospel by performing miracles of healing right there. Four people came forward for ministry: two homeless men, a Christian woman from Indonesia, and a believing mother named Leslee who brough her young daughter Collette. The trained disciples laid hands on them.

The two homeless men were quickly touched by God. One testified that the problem in his neck keeping him from turning his head had disappeared. He was also healed from a second infirmity as well. The other homeless man had felt deeply troubled and darkened in his spirit. When the disciples laid hands on him, he felt the Lord’s power like electricity go through his body setting him free from the darkness. He felt very light. Along with the other homeless man, he repented of his sin and made up his mind to follow Jesus Christ.

Homeless man testifies he is healed by the Lord

Above: deeply troubled homeless (center) man requests help
Below: He felt God’s power like electricity go through his body setting him free

Little Collette brought by her mother Leslee had suffered from mild asthma. When she ran around, she would eventually start coughing. I had Collette run around and around. Then I had her chase her mother in ever-widening circles. Finally I asked Leslee how her daughter’s breathing was. She looked at Collette who was smiling and had had fun chasing her mother around—with no sign of coughing at all.

Collette and her mom Leslee

You can read Leslee’s testimony below.

Man in Indonesia touched by God as disciples in Adelaide ministered from a distance

The fourth person who came forward was the Christian woman from Indonesia who had come forward on behalf of her brother far away in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was suffering from severe Parkinson’s Disease and could barely move around. The trained sisters in the park ministered healing to him from a great distance using the Lord’s authority.

The next day we received a report from the woman that her brother was much improved. He was able to go to the bathroom to shower by himself, and could even text message his sister in Adelaide to share with her the good report! Below is his sister’s testimony to us.

“My brother getting well from 11.30 time in Jakarta. This is miracle! He can send text message to me and also shower by himself. Thank GOD He sent you to me so I want to say thank you so much too you. God loves us.”

Elijah Challenge South Australia

Even though few homeless people came to the outreach, the trained disciples had witnessed God’s faithfulness to confirm the truth of the gospel in an actual evangelistic setting through impressive miracles done through them. They are greatly encouraged and will continue to preach the gospel in this way in the spirit and power of Elijah. For this purpose Elijah Challenge South Australia has been formed. Led by Richard Hawke and Neville Krieg, ECSA will provide essential follow-up and organized opportunities for the trained disciples to heal the sick and preach the gospel to the lost on a continued basis. In this way the Training will be successful and effective.

We thank the Lord for a very fruitful time in Adelaide. In addition to conducting Basic Training II, we also met with some top leaders in the city, among them Rod Denton. It appears that more opportunities will open up there in the near future.

Leslee’s testimony

“My daughter Collette has been healed from her asthma and I was very thankful to God to hear her publicly said ‘yes’ to following Jesus. I shared this good news with others and my mum who lives in Sydney and with determination she made it to The Elijah Challenge Outreach in Macarthur with the help of her friends. My mum doesn’t drive and lives far away from the place where your training took place. She journeyed to where you were by train and then got a lift at a train station from her friends who live in Campbelltown (a couple of suburbs away from the Training). My mother has a few physical infirmities: she has osteoporosis, high cholesterol, womb cancer, and deaf in her right ear. My mother told me about the healing that took place in her body which she knows of: she can now hear in her right ear where before she couldn’t. She is thanking God for the healing. She has also mentioned to me that when the trained believers cast out the infirmities in her body she felt a change in her body; there was a feeling of warmth in her body.

Last Sunday (14th June) afternoon, my 6-year-old nephew, Ethan, came to stay overnight at our place. The following morning, we went walking to a nearby park from our place. On our way to the park, Ethan was alternating with walking and running and he coughed and coughed because he had asthma. As this was happening, I stopped him in his path and I felt convicted to try casting out his coughs in the name of Jesus a few times like what you had taught the other believers to do. Then I said to Ethan to run and he ran but he didn’t cough. When we got to the park, he ran some more and so did my daughter Collette and both of them were fine, they didn’t cough. I told Ethan that God has healed him and told him to say thank you to Jesus and to which he did.”