Tee Joo Tatt was present at the planning of the Elijah Challenge Training in 2006
December 2012 Report

Ministering healing to Hindu India workers in Malaysia

Allergic attack & swollen lips subside immediately in Jesus’ name

“Actually I have many testimonies of using Elijah Challenge but I use these two testimonies because these were the first two wonderful miracles.

I was then the Missions Coordinator of River of Life Sanctuary, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.  Soon after the Elijah Challenge, I was to go to Indonesia to teach in a small Bible school for missionaries. Just the day before I left, my Chinese Department pastor, Pastor David Tan, came to me having pain in his sternum when he breathed and was taking a painkiller. At that time I was new to The Elijah Challenge.

First miraculous healing

However I knew the teaching and just laid my hand on the sternum and commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ Name. I went on to prepare my notes for the Bible School. About an hour later, the pastor came back to me and said that he needed no more pain-killer – the pain just left him! Praise God!

Because of this I decided that very night to change my teaching notes for one session of The Elijah Challenge. I worked till very late in the night to get my notes ready. My notes are the notes and verses I got during the teaching from William. After teaching one session of The Elijah Challenge, I asked the pastor of the church (Pastor Gordon Silaban of Trinity Assembly of God in Berastagi) if there were any sick people to minister to.

Seriously injured Indonesian woman miraculous healed

The picture below shows Ibu Cinta Taregan who had fallen from the roof and was bed-ridden for more than half a year. She had been in a hospital for half a year. She had breathing problems and could eat only a spoon of rice a day – she would just throw out if more was given to her. We sang the song “Mukjizat itu nyata (Miracles are real)” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJtnO8-Pw0s) to build our faith up and a short prayer to ask God to increase our faith. She said she had difficulty breathing.


I got the female bible students to lay hands on her chest and we commanded the lungs to be healed in Jesus’ name and she said she could breathe easily. Praise God! Next she told about her eating problem. I got the female bible students to lay hands on her abdomen and we commanded the digestive system to be healed in Jesus’ name and I told the husband to give her a bowl of rice to eat for the night. The last was her hip bone which was when I felt it, there was a small bone jutting out and in my heart, I was asking “Lord Jesus, please perform this miracle though I don’t know how it can ever be done with my small mind!”. I did not really have the faith to see her walk. After I got the female students to lay hands on her left hip and we commanded the bones to be aligned to God’s word in Jesus Name!

Then she just sat up – something she has not been able to do for more than half a year. Her husband’s eyes (the couple’s picture is below) nearly popped out. This lady’s faith is really mountain-moving faith! Praise God! She then stood up! I put out my hands to steady her. She then walked about 5 steps with me holding her hands! I then told her, “Ibu, sila balik ke katil. Kami akan berdoa satu kali lagi. (Please go back to bed, and we will minister to you again.)” I was afraid it would be too much strain to her just healed bones. She obediently went back to the bed and we ministered this time more fervently. She then stood up and walked with my assistance to the kitchen and back to the bed! Praise God!

More miracles in 2007

The next year, 2007, I taught in the same Bible School in Indonesia and this time we ministered to a lady named Ibu Sembiring who suffered from a growth in her abdomen which was painful. When we first shook her hands, it was icy cold. Her family picture is below.


When we started ministering to her, she manifested and screamed hysterically with her eyes rolling about and the whites of her eyes were more visible than her iris. She then rolled on the floor and sat up and started to flap her sarong on the floor. I just used the Name of Jesus and rebuked the evil spirits in her so that I could talk to her. Immediately she quieted herself and lay down in a sleeping position. Using the verse (Mat 6:22 – “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.), I knew that I needed her to look me in the eyes. I asked her to do it and I asked if she is willing to read the Bible (I gave the first passage as Ps 23) and to pray every day. If she was not willing, I told her I cannot continue because her condition will be much worse even if all the spirits are cast out. She agreed and we just used the Name of Jesus and commanded all the evil spirits to leave. Immediately the pain left her and her hands became warm again. Praise God!

Many healed on 2012 mission trip to Nepal

I was invited on this mission trip because the group from Johore are mainly Chinese-speaking and they said they would want people who could speak English or Nepali so that it would not entail translating from Chinese to English and then to Nepali. Someone also offered to pay for my flight when I said that the trip would cost RM3500 so I praise God for that!

Just before I went off to Nepal, I requested prayer because the devil attacked my family – my little boy Amos (7 yrs old was down with dengue), my wife was down with sinus problem which was causing difficulty in breathing, Grace (my second daughter 18 yrs old studying Software Engineering in Suzhou) had a large boil on her face that needed some antibiotic drip. But the day I just left for Nepal – her room-mate texted me that she fainted during the anti-biotic drip while I was coming out of the toilet holding my specs in my right hand. I slipped and fell and I did not use my hand to break the fall because of the specs and so I fell right on my forehead and it hurt so badly. Thank God my head did not break. My second daughter Faith (16 yrs old) also was down with some sinus problem. Thanks to the prayers, all was well. Praise God!

On November 16 in Nepal we had a day long Spiritual Refreshing Conference with about 300 participants from various churches in the surrounding areas. At 3 pm it was my turn to teach The Elijah Challenge. After teaching, I said we must practice and apply what was taught.

Amazing miraculous healings

It was the a most amazing healing rally – so many were healed – terrible headaches (the lady cried with joy when healed), gastric problems, a boy whose bones were broken due to a fall was healed and running around. Two demonized ladies were set free in the name of Jesus but before we cast out the spirits, I did what I taught them. Rather than have the lady screaming eerily and rolling on the floor. I just rebuked the spirits in her and she calmed down immediately. I asked her to look me in the eyes (the eyes are the window to our spirit) and asked her whether she wanted to read the Bible and pray; otherwise if not filled with the Holy Spirit, her condition would be worse (Matthew 12:43-45). She agreed and we just used the name of Jesus and she became calm. She stood up and testified that the headache had left – it must have definitely been caused by the evil spirit. Another lady also manifested but not as dramatically. This lady, her church members were around – was told to read Ps 23 and to live a life committed to God. She also was healed. Praise God! None of my team members from Johore and Serdang had this training, but a few them prayed alongside and also witnessed the healings.

The crippled walked! There were so many healed—all glory to Jesus! I believe there were more than 30 healings. We had to split up into groups. I now realized why the devil was not happy about this mission trip and tried his best to thwart it. But God’s plans always prevail! Amen! All glory to God!

Precarious trip to primitive village churches in the mountains of

Saturday, November 17 was their day of worship. Two of us took a lorry with many other believers going back to their hometown after the conference. About 30 people were packed on top of the lorry many others jam-packed inside the lorry together with us. We travelled one hour on relatively good tar road and another hour on a bumpy “road” filled with pebbles and gravel. We crossed many dry river beds (November is a very dry month here) – the river beds were filled with white stones and pebbles. Some river crossing was at least 500m or 520 yards across.

We then climbed what these Nepalese pastor says would take him 1½ hrs but we took 2½ hrs! We were so tired climbing so steep a path. Along the way, there were parts of the path where it was just a sheer drop on our right and the path was just enough for one foot. I clung on to the rock face on my left for dear life to go through that part!

Elder Ong from Johore shared an evangelistic message and I shared a song translated from Malaysian to Nepalese – “Kaulah Tuhanku”. We had great fellowship. This remote village church had about 30 believers gathered in a building made of planks that had about 3” gaps! The floor was mud or clay but the worship was just great and some people had to walk hours to the service thru those steep and narrow paths! Their faith is incredible.

We went back by another route filled with pebbles and crossed many streams along the way down. Elder Ong slipped but just got his shoes wet. I stepped on some wobbly stone but thank God we arrived down safely and prayed a prayer of blessing for two branch churches along the way. We reached back tired, hungry and thirsty but nevertheless strong in spirit. Praise God!

The sick come to be healed as I sat down to eat dinner

Again some people asked to be ministered to for healing even as I was to eat my dinner. One girl from Dharan (quite far away) could not see clearly and tears kept coming out. I asked her whether she had the faith that Jesus could heal her. Together with a lady pastor from Johore, we commanded the eyes to be completely healed and opened. She said she could see much clearer but still not completely healed. We laid our hand on her eyes and commanded healing. After that she could see clearly. I brought her to a brighter place to test her eyesight because the place we prayed was dark – no electricity. In Nepal and this place there was 12 hours load shedding,  meaning only 12 hours of electricity a day.

She then told us her knees were painful inside. We laid our hands on her knees and again commanded the knees to be healed and rebuked the pain in the name of Jesus. She said the pain just left. I told her to sit and then stand up and asked how was it – it was completely healed.

Deaf and mute girl healed by her faith

In my missions trip, I realized that faith is a great factor – the faith of the Nepali people in the places where I taught them the Elijah Challenge was so great that they just received the healing.

In the special case that I want to highlight is the girl Anu Tamang (in the picture) born deaf and dumb. At the rally where I taught the Elijah Challenge and many who were prayed for received healing, she did not receive the healing because she could not understand the message – her face was always looking down.  I told the friends that they must explain the message that she must have the faith to receive the healing.


However a few days later, when we were in the field, our team crossed path with her and her few friends and there and then we prayed but her but I can see that her face was no longer facing downwards but was looking upwards with hope and faith. When I placed my fingers in her ears and said “Kholi jaa” or “Be opened”, she indicated in sign language that she can hear a little. I then said, “Please say Hallelujah” or “Hallelujah bhanuhos” and she could say “Hallelu!”. When asked to say “Amen”, she could also say it. It showed that when she had the faith to receive it – she just got what she believed in. Praise God!

Just like I have prayed for my seven year old son Amos quite a few times but nothing seemed to happen when he had flu or fever but on the day (November 27) that I came back from Nepal and told them about all the testimonies, little Amos simply believed that he was going to be healed. He was sick with fever and was lying on a couch and had no appetite. But when he had the faith to receive it, both Joo Ee and I laid hands on him and rebuked the fever in Jesus’ Name! He was immediately healed and the fever just left him. Imagine the next morning, I asked him again, “Are you completely well?” His simple reply, “Jesus has healed me!”. We then went to iCity and spent time in the water theme park (11am to 3pm) and then in the 3D museum and 1 hour from 7pm to 8pm in the Snow land which was about -5 degree Celsius. Praise God!

Miracles back home in Malaysia

Thank God for all the miracles. The day after I came back from Nepal, my daughter Grace developed another boil on her right upper arm. When we rebuked the boil in Jesus’ Name, puss started oozing out and it was oozing out throughout the night. She said that she could move the arm the following morning because the boil had been so painful that she could not bend her left arm. In the morning she was much better.

The enemy not happy, but the Lord is faithful

It looked like the enemy was not happy with this missions trip to Nepal. The night that I came home (November 27), Amos, my youngest son (7 yrs old) was down with a fever the whole day. We just prayed and rebuked the fever in Jesus’ Name and he was healed instantly. The next day we went for a whole day family outing – water theme park from 11am to 3pm and then 3D museum followed by an hour in snowland where we could go tobogganing and sledding down a slope of artificial snow on a float. Also Joshua (my 13 yr old son) and I played football in the cold place for about half an hour. Praise God for healing Amos.

On the day that I came back from Nepal, Debra (my eldest 19 yr old daughter) suddenly fell down while crossing a road in Michigan. She did not trip on anything but she just fell. Thank God no vehicle was near her!

Nepali believer in Malaysia miraculously healed

On November 28 I went to minister to a Nepali brother from the fellowship where I help out. He was having pain in the lower right groin area – looked like appendicitis but he had it for quite a few weeks. Yesterday I went to his room and prayed over him – he had no appetite to eat and had not slept for 3 nights. Also he had pain in the lower right groin area and also in the back like inside the bones. He has seen the doctor but the medicine given hadn’t helped much. Anyway I just rebuked the pain in Jesus’ name and it was gone. I just called him and he told me he slept well the next day and his appetite has been restored. The pain has all gone but the lower right groin area is slightly swollen. Praise God!”

-Tee Joo Tatt, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia