Brian Matuszak is an Occupational Therapist in Katy, Texas who attended The Elijah Challenge Training in September 2012

November 2012 

I have been extremely busy but wanted to give a quick update on the successes the Lord Jesus is doing. I have been laying hands on my home health care (adult) patients. I have seen the following healings: Stage 4 cancer tumor in brain and lungs disappeared in 2 patients, near deaf ears opened to normal hearing, Tinnitus (ears ringing) stopped and normal hearing restored, hip fracture instantly healed, biceps tendon rupture instantly healed, arthritis pain gone and ALWAYS pain of any sort leaves when commanded to do so in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I also have had the opportunity to pray over my co-workers for headaches caused by allergies, one co-worker had a hangover headache that left when ministered to, another co-worker had knee surgery ligament repair and deteriorated cartilage but had pain in both knees as well as pain in his hips. I commanded cartilage to be recreated in Jesus’ name and knees be made whole as well as pain in the knees and hips leave. Every bit happened as commanded.

I also ministered to my friend via healing at a distance (Luke 7). He had severe back pain and knee pain. Both were instantly healed and he actually jumped up and down while talking with me on the phone. I did minister to a blind patient who did not instantly receive her sight back but the paralyzed arm did start to gain “trace” muscle firing restoration. 


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