“I am in Colombo, Sri Lanka and about to start The Elijah Challenge Training with a good number of pastors (see down below for the report). 

The last two days I have conducted revival meetings at the New Life church and it went well. I used some Elijah Challenge teaching materials and over 15 people were healed in one day.

Today at the Easter Sunday service we used the Lord’s authority and power to minister healing the sick believers in the church at a distance from the podium (Luke 7:7).  As usual I had no chance to asked the congregation who was healed by the Lord. But on my way out leaving the church, one elderly lady stopped me and gave me a testimony. When we exercised the Lord’s authority over infirmities from the podium at the front, her broken leg was healed!!! Wow! 

I also did an Elijah Challenge training in Korea with the Christian Businessman Association team. The results surprised everyone there too.

Below are some photos from the training in Sri Lanka and also one from Korea.”

Dr. Benjamin Yoo is the Principal of E. Stanley Jones Bible College in New Delhi, India and the Senior Pastor of the Church of North India in Delhi

Above & below: Dr. Ben teaching for the Korean Businessman Association in Korea

Below photos: Dr. Ben leading revival services at New Life Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka


Elijah Challenge Training with Sri Lankan Pastors in Colombo

“The Elijah Challenge Training went really well. The training was a total surprise for them and it made every single one of them there go “Wow!” Thirty-plus pastors got together at the Sanctuary House Retreat Eenter near Colombo (the capital of Sri Lanka) for the Training.  At our last session we had no candidates left to heal during the demonstration.  All had already been healed of their infirmities!”