Pastor Albert Kang is Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia
April 2013 

Reports from Albert Kang

We just came back from ministering at Ayer Tawar which is adjacent to the famous former Christian town known as Sitiawan. In September 1903, Sitiawan got a spiritual boost with the arrival of more than 360 Christian Foochows desperate to escape the poverty in Fujian. They were led by two Chinese pastors and settled down in what is today known as Kampung Koh. Most of these immigrants worked in rubber plantations in Sitiawan. The pastors set strict rules – these migrants were not allowed to smoke opium, drink alcohol, gamble, or visit prostitutes. They had to go to Church and raise their families in the fear of the Lord.

Today, the Foochow Methodist churches are the strongest in this area. Evangelist John Sung who was from Fujian, and famous for bringing revival to the Chinese in China and Asia in the 1930s ministered in this town. There were many healing miracles when Rev John Sung was there.

One friend exclaimed excitedly that after 60 plus years, once again healing miracles have returned to Sitiawan!

The 360 Christians who first came to Sitiawan left behind a very powerful spiritual legacy and we had the privilege of ministering in one of their churches – The Ayer Tawar Chinese Methodist Church. This church is 93 years old and has 500 members. Many were healed during our three-day seminar there. 

The young pastor of the congregation has asked me to be his mentor. He wants to move in power and authority. He introduced us to his Supervisor, who in turn graciously invited me to be his church growth consultant.