Received on August 11, 2012 from Sister LV in California:

“I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Apparently, my aorta is clogged. I have prayed and believed God for a miracle to be healed and to have my circulation restored. Also, for mental fog to be lifted. Thank you.”


At that time we asked trained disciple Dennis Green to minister healing to her at a distance.


Received on August 12, 2012 from Dennis:

“I prayed over Linda tonight. She had a family history of coronary problems and some ancestral divination issues. She had pressure behind her eye, pain and tingling in her legs, all which left as I commanded them to go and for her aorta to be clear and circulation to return to normal. She felt something come out of her when I led her in a prayer for deliverance from the divination and witchcraft of her ancestors.

She believes she is healed and will get back to me in a few days, and after her next doctor visit.”


Dennis also wrote Sister LV:

“Please let me know how you are doing in a couple of days or if you need further prayer. Also give us a report after your next doctor visit.

We always encourage people to review the YouTube training videos on the website so you can begin taking authority over any infirmities and minister healing to others as well. The Elijah Challenge encourages every believer to be equipped according to John 14:12 to minister healing to the sick as Jesus did.

I went through The Elijah Challenge training about a year ago and am amazed at the number of people that have been healed that I have prayed over. Prior to that I had prayed for many people through the previous 15 years and only saw one or two healed. Now I see people healed on a regular basis. Praise the Lord!”