Testimony from Cindy L. in South Australia

March 2012
Three weeks ago, I was suffering from an ‘old knee injury’ that was re-asserting itself. It actually began to get worse when my husband and I were at David Jeremiah’s Shadow Mountain Church in El Cajon, CA – and continued till I got back home to South Australia.

It NEVER occurred to me that I should ‘lift my knee up in prayer’ (so to speak) till one evening… I was fully asleep and ‘felt’ as if I was being supernaturally ‘taken care of’ by perhaps – ministering angels. 

I woke into a kind of ‘half sleep’ at about 4am and I was ‘doing what I was told’ (by a gentle man’s voice – directing me in my sleep) I woke into that 1/2 sleep with my left knee (the injured one) straight up in the air and then I listened and ‘heard’ that man’s voice say… ‘Okay, now place your left hand behind your knee and place your right hand in front of your knee – and Cindy, imagine they are Jesus’ hands (he also ‘knew’ that I was almost fighting this as my ‘intellect’ was telling me that those were MY hands on my knee – not Jesus’ – but, I stifled that thought and continued to listen to the voice). He then told me to ‘speak complete healing to the knee’ and I ‘felt’ warmth radiating from my hands ‘into’ my knee.

That’s all I remember and I just slipped back to sleep.

In the morning – I woke and remembered what had happened. I got out of bed and can happily share that my knee was 85% or so, healed. I was ‘so joyous’ that I made my way out on the back veranda and thanked GOD for several minutes – and in the middle of my thanking HIM – I ‘heard’ this spoken with no condemnation whatsoever – but, with TOTAL TRUTH. HE said: ‘Yes. You are much more obedient in your sleep than you are when you are awake.”

I sat in total ‘exposure’ before our HEALER and KING and allowed those words to sink deeply into my heart because I just KNEW them to be ‘total TRUTH’. 

That evening – around 11pm – after using my knee literally ‘all day’ – my left knee was totally healed.