The testimony of Arizonian Al R., a participant in the Las Vegas Elijah Challenge Training in April 2016


Al and Molly R. from Goodyear, Arizona

First, Al’s heart condition healed on Saturday 

“In the Saturday evening service during the Elijah Challenge Training; the believers prayed over me to reverse the damage from a terrible heart attack five years ago. They commanded a reversal of all damage to the heart muscle and a banishment of this type of problem from ever troubling me henceforth. As the believers ministered I felt there was like a wave of warm oil running down my neck and back and at the same time like I was experiencing cool soft water.

After the Training back home my daughter was the first to notice and call to my attention that I had run up the stairs two steps at a time without a thought!!  At baseball workouts with my four grandsons, I was holding my own in excellent form, including running.”


Testimonies from other Las Vegas Training participants

Then on Sunday the trained believers went out to heal the sick and share the gospel (Luke 10:9) on the LAS VEGAS STRIP…



Al continued sharing:

“Jesus asked his disciples “can you not tarry one hour?  Two received Christ and four were healed. In an HOUR.

The Spirit of Jesus Christ in the believers gave the brothers and sisters boldness and courage to minister healing on the Las Vegas Strip. Where sin abounds, the grace of God is more abundant!! Especially smack in the middle of overt decadence. This was demonstrated as Pastor Chong from Long Island gently ministered the word of truth to Daniel, a homeless man.

He was very careful to explain that it is Jesus that works in his life today and in the future. Daniel had surgical trauma in his right groin and hip and nerve damage whereby he could not stand or walk much at all. He also had very recent heart bypass and was very weak. Our group ministered to his conditions repeatedly over 10 minutes and Pastor Chong led him to Jesus very precisely after Daniel was aware that he was substantially healed of several infirmities in Jesus Name! Daniel was up and walking about in utter amazement that day; strengthened in his body and alive in his spirit.

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Due to the high volume of foot traffic in that city, up to 400 onlookers witnessed the supernatural power in the Gospel of Jesus as they passed by. To my sadness, many, many people there that day were disgusted and appalled by our presence. Several openly mocked us!  Seeing the flow of pedestrian traffic, I took several opportunities to preach the Gospel to people as they made their way from casino to casino. On the escalator, for example, they had my attention for enough time to proclaim the Kingdom in one statement or another.

Another homeless man was healed and led to Jesus that day. I think his name was Charles. He was joyful and blessed.

Yet another man who was selling bottled water in the heat welcomed a fast prayer between customers after lifting his shirt to reveal a blood-soaked bandage on his back. He explained that he had kidney surgery yesterday and took particular note as the Holy Spirit directed even the specific wording of the prayer.



Next was a casino employee named Wil outside for a smoke break. He gladly received ministry to break depression, smoking and the “glass ceiling” off him that limits his potential. (God’s blessing). He too, was receptive to the blessing and again Pastor Chong explained to him that he can thank Jesus in the days ahead as his blessings manifest.


Pastor Chong & Mrs. Chong

Another was an obese woman named Maria (I think). She was exhausted and unable to walk to the next casino. She had great pain in her back and legs and feet. The believers ministered healing and truth to her. Within two minutes she was free of pain and walking robustly when her family came along. They were amazed to see her transformation in Jesus’ Name! 



Christian family, all this took place in one hour flat! ONE HOUR! Think about it. That hour on the street was like being caught-up in Elijah’s Whirlwind!!!!  What a RIDE!

Did you know that you can give a clear presentation of the Gospel while you are filling your gas tank? Yep. There might be 8 other people doing the same and you have them for FIVE minutes! 

Since coming back from The Elijah Challenge Training, I have had several occasions to do this work. As a trucker, I see car and motorcycle accidents routinely.  Thank God that Teddy and Shar (below) organized the street meetings in Las Vegas to give the believers an appetite for the battle! 



May I say in closing that Elijah Challenge is essential for all believers to earn a great reward from our Great King.  Second, it is amazing to see dozens of specific and detailed words of knowledge brought forth by the Holy Spirit in the meetings.

One for example, we ministered to Brother Ben Yoo who had substantial hearing loss. We were getting nowhere ministering to him until the word “rock music” was given. I inquired what this meant and he confessed that he lost much hearing as a drummer in a rock band. Although his hearing was not immediately restored, he was joyful that the menacing “waterfall in his head” was now silent.  


Dr. Ben & Grace Yoo

The Elijah Challenge Powerpoint Presentation is a snap to download and The Elijah Challenge is worthy of continued financial support.”

“…I can say that the Elijah Challenge Training was not only the highlight of our year; but it was … and is … the Game-Changer of my life… be sure. We felt real power and the love of God there. Not only that, but I am humbled by the true holiness in all the folks there. What an example to me.”