Ugochukwu N. Emmanuel is a servant of God in Nigeria


Reports from Rev. Emmanuel Rhema, Elijah Challenge Africa Coordinator

We received the following emails from Brother Ugochukwu N. Emmanuel during our correspondence with him in April and May 2013:


April 17, 2013

“Please, I am very thirsty and hungry for this knowledge that works, with outstanding results. Through The Elijah Challenge Training. Just do me a favour by giving me the phone number of Rev. Emmanuel Rhema. The Africa Coordinator. As you connect me with him I will be very glad. Thanks.”


April 18

“I am very grateful sir for your quick respond to my request. I have made contact with Rev. Emmanuel Rhema and am meeting him very soon. Very sure, never to return the same. Thanks to all The Elijah Challenge ministry and glory to God Almighty.”


May 9

“Am very grateful Sir for a full day of The Elijah Challenge Training I received through Rev. Emmanuel Rhema. Coupled with the training material he gave me. Am back to my base and am sure this knowledge that worked for others most surely will work for me. So very soon sir I will send success reports of my exploits in ministry. Thanks Sir!”


May 10

“Sir, I feel good doing the works of Jesus with results. This was as a result of the Elijah Challenge Training I attended through Rev. Emmanuel Abdullahi Rhema, the Africa Coordinator. After I returned to my base on Wednesday I decided to practice what I learned. During the all night meeting I held on the next day, I called on those who were sick to come out for healing. A woman with pains in her right eye for a long time was healed. Three people with pains in their stomach were instantly healed. A man with sharp pains in his heart for a long time was healed. A woman with pains in the shoulder area was healed. One man who had wounds in the tongue, private parts area, on the stomach and legs with excruciating pains for a good two years testified of an instant healing. A woman said she felt something left her body as I ministered to her. A woman with illness that defiled medical attention testified of an instant healing. Another woman who had pains in her hands was healed. Am grateful sir for this knowledge that works. May God receive all the glory. Amen.”

June 15

For two years, my left arm was one to two inches shorter than the other arm coupled with excruciating pains from my arm to the shoulder area. But as I gave the command of faith in Jesus’ name, to my greatest surprise my short arm “grew out” almost one inch above my “good” right arm. And I thought in my heart whether to command the right arm to “grow out” to equal length with the left arm.

However, I thought I should not do that because nothing was wrong with my right arm. I decided to leave it to see the outcome of the whole miracle.

Do you know that after twenty-four hours the two arms became equal in length? I cannot explain what happened, but I know God did another miracle in my left arm by “shortening” it, and allowing my two arms to be equal in length.

Now am totally pain free—praise God Almighty!