In a region known as Therubali we conducted a very effective Elijah Challenge Training for approximately seventy servants of God and thirty believers. We praise the Lord that He is enabling us to equip His servants for ministry in the end times.  Many of the participants were blessed with the teaching. One the senior leaders testified that without miraculous healings for unbelievers we cannot preach the Gospel as Jesus did.

Testimonies of miraculous healing

One of the pastors there had been a very good soccer player. In a fall a few years back on the field he suffered severe injuries to his leg and fingers. After that he was not able to walk properly. He had been prescribed various medications by several doctors, but the pain persisted.  We servants of God ministered to him in Jesus’ name, and instantly Lord healed him. Right in front of us he walked back and forth normally.



An elderly man had been able to see or hear properly for the past three years. We ministered to him and he experienced miraculous healing in both his eyes and ear. He was very excited to experience such a thing. Praise the Lord!



A pastor’s wife had pain in one leg for a month. We ministered to her along with the lady pastors. The pain disappeared, and she was healed.