By believers trained under The Elijah Challenge

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 Testimonies of heart diseases healed ]


Woman healed from incurable HPV virus after studying Training Manual


Sister healed in her sleep as the Lord instructs her to lay hands on herself


Woman exercises authority over flowerless orchid to make it bloom


Woman in her fifties healed from life-long depression after viewing Training videos


Mission Director beats back vicious demonic attack


Miraculously healed from depression by Elijah Challenge-trained disciple


Man in India who suffered from heart failure healed at a distance from Texas

Woman healed from incurable HPV virus after studying Training Manual

Australian woman healed from irregular heartbeat & kidney cysts via text message

Son of high government official healed; $19,000 offering refused by disciple


Physician healed of both heart condition & knee injury; runs 10 km in 75 minutes


Crippled elderly woman walks at Louisiana retirement home


“The doctors are all amazed; cannot believe he survived with no brain damage”


Gall Stones turn to “sludge” in the name of Jesus


Trained disciple raises dead pastor at church service


Woman healed from vertigo & bad discs


Dead woman raised back to life in Dallas


Servant of God healed from painful heart condition


Deep stomach ulcer vanishes; doctor amazed & gives glory to God


Powerful testimony of Canadian believer


Couple delivered from smoking/nicotine addiction


God uses text message to heal in Los Angeles


A pastor in Katy, Texas


Kok Heng Lee of Malaysia


Nameless Servant of God


Joshua Muzyka in Atlanta, Georgia


The healing of Brother Kausik


Twelve years of daily panic attacks cease


Malaysian Pastor Jumi Kuanga


Malaysian Elijah Challenge Publisher Debra Wetha


Thomas Ong in Malaysia