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Don Felix Azcona attended The Elijah Challenge in February 2009


Uneducated villagers in Sabah, Malaysia taught to heal the sick in Jesus’ name


Miraculous healings in Bornean Sabah as trained disciples teach Elijah Challenge



Don’s March 2013 testimony

“Many years ago I attended The Elijah Challenge Training sponsored by my Church, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia in Borneo. To be honest, during the Training and the practical I was so interested in this way of evangelism. I kept on learning and practicing with family members and friends.

Through experience from Jesus I found myself deeper into this ministry and the good Lord have brought me places as work transferred me to Kuala Lumpur (the capital city of Malaysia). I attended services in Harvest Community Church in Petaling Jaya under Pastor Steve Chang. There I met Brother Jimmy and his family, and became attached to the other members as well. Brother Jimmy invited me to join him and his family to do mission in India.

There the practice of healing the sick and confidence in the Lord grew tremendously. The interesting part is that brother Jimmy and his family also trained with the Elijah Challenge as well in [a Training event held on a different occasion in] Kuala Lumpur.

Now the Holy Spirit has led me to start a new ministry called “The Heart of Jesus.” We evangelize the villages in the interior of Sabah [and villagers are being healed and saved as they turn to Jesus].  And every year Brother Jimmy and his family and some of the members of Harvest Community Church in Kuala Lumpur join me on a mission trip to Sabah.

After awhile we realized that it is a big area to cover and need many more disciples of Jesus Christ. To do this we started teaching the Elijah Challenge to believers in the interior of Sabah to go and evangelize deeper into the interior. The Lord has done all this in a mysterious way, as you can see how we all got connected.

We will have a Training Seminar cum Healing Rally in the interior of Sabah this May 31 and June 1, 2013.

All honor and Glory to our Lord Jesus.”

Don Felix Azcona, Founder & President
The Heart of Jesus