Report on initial visit to Khajuripanga in February 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports


We had a very good time with the new believers at Khajuripanga who came to know the Lord during our Feeding Event there a few months ago. That region is mostly inhabited by tribal groups and some Dalits.

Praise the Lord for the believers the Lord has given us. We had Bible classes and we taught them songs and prayer. Most of them are uneducated, not able to write and read. Though they are illiterate, they have a desire to know the Lord and remain with Him.

I was very glad to hear that if any persons are not well, they now do not go to the hospital. Rather some believers are going to them and ministering to them.  Praise the Lord. I discussed with the believers how they must grow in the Lord.

Some neighboring Hindus also came for healing for their bodies. And the Lord healed them from various diseases.

Some sad news, although it was not an area directly hit by the recent cyclone, there were still a few houses badly damaged. Wind ripped away roofs and there was heavy rain for a week.  We came to know that the affected people were sheltered in a nearby school but could not get any food or anything from the government or anyone. So after four days in the school they returned to stay in their destroyed homes which they then covered with a tarpaulin. Please pray for their livelihood.    

Thank you so much for the support for to reach such people for Christ.



Subodh’s wife Rosy at Khajuripanga