Pastor Albert Kang is Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia

February 2013

Reports from Albert Kang

My wife Grace and I were having fellowship with a couple of new Christian friends at an Indian restaurant near our home. The Indian owner of the restaurant had recently returned from USA and bought over this business. Apparently, he had lived in USA for over 20 years. He knew both our friends and so we struck up a conversation with him. We shared about The Elijah Challenge and he said that he had back pain and needed to go for regular jabs to relieve the pain. Grace and I asked whether he was still feeling the pain at that moment and he replied in affirmation. We then laid hands on his painful back and commanded the pain to go. First time, he said that from the scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the original pain), the pain had dropped to 6.The second command was given and the pain level dropped to between 1 and 0. The third command was given and the pain was gone completely. He said it was a zero. Our Christian friends were also amazed because this was the first time they ever encountered divine healing with instant result such as this. Later, we found out that the healed man was a believer but had gone far away from God. At the end, we prayed for him and also for his new business. 

Praise the Lord for this type of ministry. We never know where God will be leading us and to whom we would be ministering. He is a God full of love, kindness and surprises. He wants us to be sensitive to minister to those whom He has placed in our paths. May we always be willing to serve whenever the opportunity presents itself.