Reports from nameless Elijah Challenge-trained disciples in Orissa, India

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

Brother Prem Pani

Let me share a wonderful report from our brother Prem Pani. He informed us that a sorcerer was healed from a blood loss disease after he ministered to him for a few days. The man and his family accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. He is now testifying that the Lord Jesus Christ is real and that He is healer. In his house they had kept photos of idols and items used in idol worship, but he was scared to remove them and throw them out of his house. He asked our brother instead to remove them. So Prem took the entire collection of idols, photos, and other associated things and threw them out, moving them to another place. The former sorcerer has three daughters and is now wondering who will marry his daughters, since they have accepted the Christ. All their relatives and those in their people group have left them, and are no longer in contact and cooperating with them.

Now he is sharing with others how he was delivered by Jesus Christ. Once a week people from different villages gather in his home for a healing service. Praise God that the sorcerer has changed in such a wonderful way. The area is full of idol worship. There are no believers found within several miles. Please pray that the gospel will reach all those places during these last days.

The area of Gunpur

From the area of Gunpur our co-worker Ramakant informed that the Lord is doing good works in his area. There is a village called Rayagada where thirty Hindu families live. A man named Ansuman Pal was sick for six months. He went to doctors and took various medications for months. But Ansuman did not recover. They stopped the medical treatment and for one month received the help of sorcerer who sacrificed a chicken and a goat. But still Ansunam did not get well. He had spent much money but yet became weaker and weaker. Rayagada is fifteen kms distant from Gunpur where Ramakant is based. So they came to Gunpur and requested help from Ramakant. He went to Rayagada and ministered to Ansuman. He felt different. Again the next day Ramakant went and ministered to him. After that Ansuman was healed. Out of the thirty Hindu families in Rayagada, five families seeing the miraculous healing came to the Lord Jesus. Praise God!

Brother Samuel

After receiving a bicycle from The Elijah Challenge in October 2012, our co-worker Samuel went to several nearby villages. One of the villages is called Mohana, seven kilometers away. There was a family with a woman who could not sleep because of a disturbance in her mind during the night. They said that it might be the work of witchcraft. Samuel went and ministered to her and stayed one night there. That very night she was able to sleep well.  

Samuel went to another village called Adaba about 30 kilometers away. There was an old mama who was suffering from a disease called eosinofilia. She had been in bed for a few days. Every year during the winter she would suffer with coughing and a cold. For the last ten years she had suffered a lot during the months of November and December. Usually she would take some medicine and after a few days she would start suffering again. Samuel went and ministered to her as she was lying on the bed covered with woolen cloths. Surprisingly after a few minutes she started sweating. She testified that she was healed and said that next year she would not have this affliction anymore.


Samuel and his gospel bicycle

The region of Kandhmal

In Kandhmal our co-worker Sanatana shared with us that after attending our Elijah Challenge Training he was developing more and more. The size of his fellowship increased within a few months. People are coming to him with many sicknesses, and  as he ministers to them the Lord is healing them. They testify and confirm the healing. And some of them come to church, and some do not. On November 28, 2012 he went to a nearby village where a seven-year-old girl was possessed by demon spirit. The child was shouting, jumping and doing kinds of nonsensical things. There were around thirty to forty people, and in front of them he commanded the demon to leave. At that very moment she fell to the ground and the demon spoke through her from where it had come. Again Samuel rebuked it, and at that very moment the demon spirit left.

The area of Kandhamal

In Kandhamal our co-worker Pastor Anand informed us that the Lord did a tremendous work in his fellowship within four months. During the month of August 2012 he attended The Elijah Challenge training. Afterwards he started to minister to the sick with his believers. He used to have the worship in his home with twenty to twenty five believers. But within a short period of time, over forty-five believers were coming to his fellowship. He does not have a church building, so he has rented a small hall for their worship service. He has requested us to pray for a church building.

Praise the Lord for such a wonderful work through these servants of God.


Finally from Subodh himself….

One evening at 5 pm I received a phone call from a man named Deepak in Rourkela, around 610 kilometers from here. His voice was not clear as he was shivering uncontrollably from a high fever. He said that from morning onwards he had had the fever, and he requested me to minister to him over the telephone. Without any delay I ministered to him, and he said that something then entered into his ears. At that very moment his body began to sweat. He was healed and his speech became clear. Praise God.

-December 2012 Reports