Dr. & Mrs. Gabriel Brown (aka Shar & Teddy) lead Eternities Tour
and now host Elijah Challenge Training Events

“…I can now say that I am a new man…with the incredible blessing of a totally renovated physical heart.”

Dr. Gabriel Murphy in India: many trained, healed and accept Jesus Christ

Dramatic turnaround in hopeless medical case of dying elderly woman

Healed across the Atlantic from palpitations, anxiety, cyst & growth

Healed over the phone from high blood pressure in Jesus’ name

Scam artist Mark repents and is miraculously healed by Jesus Christ

“For the past year suffering heart disease getting worse….”

Las Vegas Resort Manager miraculously healed by tourists in Jesus’ name

Man miraculously healed at first from injury in rollover car accident over the telephone

Chicago woman miraculously healed by Jesus after five failed surgeries—via telephone call

Powerful healing over the telephone brings Angela to Jesus as her Lord

Woman with painful disability in her hand for 27 years deeply touched by the Lord

68-year-old Michigan woman needing open heart surgery declared completely healed by doctor after prayer at a distance  (Sarhonda ministered to her along with Paula)

Chicago-area woman with hip and shoulder injuries from truck accident healed miraculously in Jesus’ name

Chronic pain in neck, shoulder & arm from accident vanishes in the name of Jesus (Sarhonda ministered together with Paula)