Pastor Rickie Bradshaw, Union Baptist Association Houston

“The Elijah Challenge is the most balanced scriptural healing strategy I have ever encountered. Members from churches across Houston, (First Baptist, Second Baptist, Christian Tabernacle, Methodist, Oklahoma Baptist, a Baptist from Austin along with others from across Houston) were trained on Saturday in December 2012 on how to conduct healing evangelism from an obedient biblical model. On Sunday the trained disciples conducted practicum in communities across Houston. The places where repentance and consecration has been conducted, through prayer marches and ministries like the Fire Torch, are experiencing the Elijah Challenge. The Lord is among His people as they cast out demonic spirits and spirits of infirmities. The goal of the challenge is to preach the gospel not only in Word but in power and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. Not [simply] speaking in tongues but in authority to prove that Jesus can forgive sin [by healing the sick in His name]. We are preparing to take this challenge to multiple communities across Houston. Here is Sunday’s (December 2, 2012) report from The Elijah Challenge of our experience in the Fifth Ward.” Report on the event in Houston’s Fifth Ward on Sunday  


Brad Womble, former Director of Event Coordination for the International Mission Board in Dallas

Brad and his wife Sally served as South Baptist missionaries in Niger, West Africa. In 2002 they attended The Elijah Challenge Training which was held in Niamey, Niger.

“We are now in Richmond, Virginia and I am on staff with the International Mission Board.  Sally and I served as trainers for missionaries going to sub Saharan Africa for a one-year term.  We found that very rewarding.  Now, I am the Director of Event Coordination for the International Mission Board.  It is a very challenging and rewarding job to coordinate all the activities of the IMB in the USA.

One of the first things we put into the hands of new missionaries coming to the field in Niger was your book Dancing on the Edge of the Earth, and we tell them of our experiences.  You have been a blessing to our team and people in so many ways.  Thank you for sharing what God has taught you and equipping the saints.  Thank you for permission to print your book for use here at the International Learning Center in Richmond. …We would be so happy for you to be here with us, each cycle, teaching your ministry to each and every missionary going out from the IMB.  We have been blessed by your ministry and your kindness.”

“I want to encourage you to continue following Him and taking every opportunity to minister to the lost and the church. You have a very balanced and God centered message for all. The lost need to continue to see the power of Christ thru you.  Your brothers need to see the wisdom and power of God available thru faith and trust in Him.  He will give you many chances to change hearts of brothers one at a time. Don’t miss the chance to minister one on one with believers as you cross paths in your daily walk.  He will also continue to place you before various size groups giving you the chance to change many at a time. Your ministry is so very important to the Kingdom. Don’t grow weary as He has so much for you to accomplish. I am praying this morning that you and your wife will be blessed by knowing His deep pleasure and joy in your faith and obedience. I am praying for His favor to be shown in the deep and heavy blessings of your continued ministry. I am also giving thanks for the way you have blessed my life and how your ministry encourages me.” (2014)


Jim Herrington, Founder of Mission Houston, Director of Union Baptist Association Houston, Senior Pastor


Jim Herrington made an intriguing remark to us at the airport on the way home to Houston about the miracles which had taken place at the Crusade meeting during a mission trip to Venezuela in the early 2000s. We had been given an opportunity to teach The Elijah Challenge to Venezuelan pastors during the trip, and had led the ministry to the infirm at the end of an open-air Crusade where Dr. Charles Wisdom had preached.

“W.,” Jim said to us half tongue-in-cheek, “that was just like a Baptist healing service. Problem is, there’s no such thing as a Baptist healing service. But if there were, it would be just like that!”  


Dr. Charles Wisdom, June 2008

Dr. Charles Wisdom is a former Chairman of the Trustees of Houston Baptist University; Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church in Katy, Texas; Senior Associate Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston

“I thank the Lord for the wonderful way He is using you in this special ministry. I pray you don’t become discouraged. Sincere and well meaning Brothers and Sisters may disagree with your ministry. It (healing ministry) is, of course, somewhat out of the mainstream of Evangelical ministry practice. Also, unfortunately, “Signs And Wonders” ministry, of which healing ministry is a part, historically has attracted persons whose use of Bibical materials is often shallow. That is one reason I believe in your approach. I see you “rightly dividing the Word” in your teaching. (By the way: Jesus’ ministry on earth was three-fold: preaching, teaching and healing. Your ministry is valid.)”


Other comments from Dr. Wisdom

“I approve Brother B. for many reasons:

1. I think God has placed this calling on him and his wife: physical healing as a means of leading people to place their faith in Jesus Christ. Especially in developing countries God is using this ministry to open the eyes of unbelievers and give them hope for healing and for eternal life.

2. He is not an “extremist” in the healing ministry. He believes in doctors and healing through the means God has given us (medicine, etc). In addition, he is not using this ministry for personal gain: he is not making millions of dollars and flying all over the world in his own jet, etc. (I do not know the hearts of those healing evangelists on TV. I will let God be their judge. However, I am greatly concerned that the love of riches, power, etc. is getting to some of them!)

3. They have humble, caring, Christ-honoring spirits. I believe they are people of great integrity.

Bottom line: go to his Training; you will be blessed. If God is calling you to this ministry, you will get lots of help from them.”


Dr. Charles Wisdom, March 2002

“I am happy to commend to you the person and ministry of Brother B. [of The Elijah Challenge]. The Lord has gifted him with keen insight into biblical teachings on POWER ENCOUNTERS and he handles this exciting and potentially controversial subject with great wisdom. I have attended the seminar he teaches and this led me to invite him to present it in the First Baptist Church of Katy. Any pastor or lay leader will be greatly blessed who sits at the feet of this gifted and humble servant of the Lord.”


Pastor Roy Meadows, Katy, Texas

Roy Meadows, Senior Pastor
Westland Baptist Church
1407 W. Grand Parkway S.
Katy, Texas

“Brother B. and his wife are for real. They are faithful to the Word. They are sweet and humble. I love them. I encourage you to attend their Training.”


A Southern Baptist missionary in India who attended The Elijah Challenge Training in Uttar Pradesh, India

“I wanted to write and let you know, again, how much we appreciated the teaching you brought to [our area]. We have applied much of your teachings to our personal ministry and have seen much fruit in the past couple of months from it. We had 12 student volunteers this past summer and taught them all from your material about using their God-given authority. As a result, several people have indicated decisions for Christ due to healings and miracles.

A university professor from a large Christian college even took your teachings with him and indicated a possibility of including it in his teachings this next year. We’ve also included it in our trainings as we’ve been training hundreds of nationals in how to plant churches. So thank you again for your influence and for your teaching from God’s word.”


Reconciliation between Evangelicals & Charismatics