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Below is an email we received from an Australian brother named Peter McMaster who attended our Training in Melbourne in September 2009.

“Hello. My name is Peter McMaster. We met in Melbourne Australia at a teaching you gave. We were from Tasmania. You blessed me with what you shared and I have been putting it into action. I was led to Omega Man radio soon afterwards and have been very keen to put what I have learnt into practice. I have known a friend in Uganda Africa for about 6 years and one and a half months ago we came here to do whatever it was the Lord had for us. So we went into a remote area in North Uganda, where the people had been ravaged by war and only traditional Catholicism exists, and held a crusade. There were many healings and deliverances. And there was no fear in not knowing what to do because of the seed that you and your ministry planted in my heart. So thank you very much and I praise the Lord for what He is doing with what He has shown you. I pray there will be many more to come. We believe there will be. 

So I have forwarded these few pictures for you to see.”

Peter McMaster


Peter’s September 10, 2012 report on the crusade

“The crusade went for a week. We were there 3 days, It was great. Most came after dark, they work in the crops and gardens, get home, had a wash and come down. The crowds were very good, well behaved and large. When it got to a certain time we could not takes photos because of the lack of light. they had two 100-watt globes for the whole area and they were each side of the dirt platform. And there were 2 torches, both of them mine. I am wondering how they all see in the dark so well.



We had a mass deliverance Saturday night and it was so much fun. There were many demonic manifestations, and many were healed and delivered. It was amazing to watch the people scatter when the demons came forth. They were blessed by the deliverance. It is not a strange thing to African believers. 


After giving my testimony the day before, lots of men came to be prayed over. My teammate Eric said the first five were witchdoctors. So many were saved and set free. Many have nightmares and demons visiting them every night. We also had many dreams, visions and words of Knowledge to guide us. Most were for Eric. It is good to hear him say this will happen today and that will happen also and in the spirit this battle is happening then seeing it all take place only a few hours later.

Also religious leaders tried to stop the crusade but they were killed in a motorcycle accident on the way to the police station. That was on Thursday. Many things I could put here but some will not believe. But those who do will hear and be encouraged.

Many gave testimonies on the following Sunday. Sister Poss spoke to the women and then to the crowd on Sunday night. They knew what she had tried to do for them, and they appreciated somebody caring for them. They also liked to hear her testimony and they realize that the problems in the west are no different, but without the poverty.”

Sister Poss