Pastor Albert Kang is Asia Coordinator for The Elijah Challenge
April 2013

Reports from Albert Kang

This is the testimony of trained disciple Elisha (whose primary language is not English):

“I have a testimony to share with everyone that all praises and glory belongs to the Living God which is the creator of the heavens, the earth, the sea and everything in it forever and ever.

God really answer the prayer of Pastor Albert Kang. He prayed that God relieved the worries of the father (which is me). These few days I truly worries about my baby because he only sleep. No matter how he is disturbed, he does not cry or even have a cry sound. Only until the nurse takes a needle to prick his leg does have a few sounds of crying. The nurse said that it is not a good sign.

Then the nurse told me that this is a lazy baby. He doesn’t want to drink milk. I try hard to think what to do. At last I was impressed by God that in the name of Jesus the “lazy spirit” can be commanded out of the body of my baby. At about 6.30 pm I use the name of Jesus to command for a few times. Know what happened?

 When I command the second time the baby started to cry. Wow, I was so happy, excited and I continued to command it in the name of Jesus. I spoke to the lazy spirit to leave the baby right now and never come back again. This time the baby cried like other babies.

We are so happy, straight away my wife breast fed our baby. Hallelujah, praise the Lord. This time the baby sucked very well until it satisfied him and he fell asleep. There was a sweet sound while he sleep this time. I am really glad about it and appreciate our Lord God.”