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Limits on Believers’ Authority: whom are you addressing?


Life, health, ministry & family of servant of God in Africa under catastrophic attack after engaging in “strategic-level spiritual warfare” against territorial spirits


A brief exchange on Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare


Are you and your loved ones undergoing trial after trial?


A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare


Benin: African King Hands over Kingdom to Christ (without any “spiritual warfare”)


Did Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8 know more than disciples of Jesus Christ today?


Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare Revisited—is Scripture really INSUFFICIENT as implied?


Cessationism vs. Strategic-level Spiritual Warfare: Two Extremes in the Church Today


Does Ephesians 6 really teach “spiritual warfare” in the heavenlies?


Must-read warning from Brazilian Pastor about demonic attacks


Did Jesus command us to drive out “territorial spirits”?


What about our being “seated in the heavenly realms in Christ”?


“Spiritual Warfare” is not necessary or desirable for effective evangelism


Believer healed and set free following repentance from the practice of “spiritual warfare”


The rebuking of territorial spirits is dangerous: “Do Not Go There!”


Examining the practice of “binding and loosing” from Scripture


The correlation between “spiritual warfare” and “prosperity teaching”


INDONESIA: “strategic-level spiritual warfare” unnecessary and risky


“Spiritual Trespassing”