By a Supporter of the Feeding Events in India

“God is doing amazing things through the gospel events. It seems He has opened wide the door for effective evangelism in the Delhi area. As reported earlier, YWAM has invited Simon to present the gospel as a part of their meetings.

Interestingly, Simon recruited the pastor of a poor, small village church and a few members to distribute gospel event flyers. He did the gospel event the first day and then had three days of follow-up. God’s grace and power

fell on the people and many were healed and came to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. There were so many coming for prayer and deliverance that Simon labored late into the night before he could stop eat and rest. 

Even after Simon left the village over 100 people came to the village pastor for prayer the next day. Needless to say, the pastor has changed how he presents the gospel and is ready for The Elijah Challenge training.  

Training these village pastors is part of the ever widening ripple effect of The Elijah Challenge training.  Many nameless, faceless individuals have been trained using The Elijah Challenge material.  We will not know, this side of heaven, how many people in these small, poor villages have given their lives to Christ because of your willingness to train people to do what Jesus taught his disciples to do. I think it is amazing!”