Last Sunday, Anna prayed for a new lady that had just come to church for the first time. She had recently been through a domestic violence situation. She had no mobility in one of her shoulders and couldn’t raise her arm on that side. 
Anna commanded healing into the shoulder and arm and the lady was instantly healed. The lady wept with joy and testified what had just taken place. Our God still heals! Amen!
Gary and I went out into the streets of Nerang last Saturday to evangelise for three hours. We were inviting people to an Alpha dinner at the church. Our invitation was “come for a free dinner and explore the meaning of life”.
When we were going around, we noticed how blatantly Satan had claimed the area for himself. Inside yards and houses were many large demonic statues. Some residences even had mechanical demons in their windows which were red, with horns and pitchforks. We got to speak with a number of people and got to pray for one person. We aren’t sure what happened as a result because the lady was too shy to open the door.

 Don & Anna Parbery are disciples based
in Gold Coast, Australia


One amazing thing happened after we walked the streets. An occultist turned up at the church and went into the prayer house and joined the prayer group. The person was masquerading as a new believer, but I recognised some signs when we got back there to pray. I found that extra encouraging because we ruffled enough feathers in the spirit realm for satan to send one of his troops to report back to his chain of command as to what was going on. God willing, we will see that witch/occultist again and see our God deliver her.

We are going out into the community again this Saturday and I’m sure that God will do more amazing things. The fact is that we are going and God will bless us in that. So…stay tuned for some testimonies as to what out God will do! Amen!
-Don & Anna Parbery, Gold Coast, Australia
April 2016