Arjae Matthews is a music minister who attended back-to-back Elijah Challenge Training events during two consecutive weeks in 2010


July 2012

“I just returned from a ministry tour in Louisiana and part of Texas. The Lord did mighty things; the people were set free from bondage. There were so many miracles which took place: sixty people were healed from depression—I didn’t know so many Christians were dealing with this. Twenty people were healed from addictions of all types, twenty healed from back issues, twelve healed from strokes, eight healed from blindness of the eyes, and four people healed from lung issues.

Ten people testified that they were healed from cancer of the breast and in other areas of their bodies, three kidneys healed, twelve healed from migraine headaches, limbs growing out, plus thirty salvations. God is so good. There were many more who did not get to testify.

I wish I could have been there at the recent Training, but I will make the next one you hold. Thank you again for all your prayers. Please send me any new material which I can study.”