Pastor Albert Kang of Malaysia is the Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator 

April 2014 Report

Reports from Albert Kang

We just returned from Perth, West Australia, and had a wonderful time training the people there. Here is an email that we have received from Dr. Mark Goldstone who is the pastor of Mustard Seed Community Church, which is situated at Unit 7, 83 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale, Perth, West Australia. We had used his church premises and conducted a two-day training organized by Pastor Dywen Luran of The Overcomers Foursquare Church. Here is the email:

Dear Pastor Albert and Grace.

I want to thank you for the time that you spent with us over the previous week.  We gained much by association with Dywen through your ministry and God’s hand is clearly on the things that have been happening.


To re-iterate, the following people within our Church have seen either complete healing or a marked improvement in their symptoms.

1.  Sandie – my wife.  She is a medical doctor who has been struggling with a “frozen shoulder” for over two year.  She has used all conventional medical means apart from surgery and has also used a number of non-conventional techniques.  None have worked.  However, following our initial meeting on Thursday she reports that her shoulder is no longer stuck and that the pain has diminished to the point that we confidently expect full recovery.

2. Geoff – Geoff is a licensed minister who has nevertheless struggled with a “bad” back for many years.  I say “bad” back because Geoff has undergone multiple surgery and his back has been reinforced with multiple titanium pins and plates.  In spite of this he has been in incredible pain for a long time.  On Sundayhe reported a significant reduction in pain following the healing service which has persisted until now.  We will repeat the healing process on Sunday, however for this person, the reduction in pain is nothing short of miraculous even if the pain has not fully gone.
3. Richard – Richard is another long term bad back sufferer who is now pain free.
4.  Lydia – my daughter. Lydia had a viral infection that led to her being hospitalised two weeks ago.  Following discharge she has continued to have horrible headaches and dizziness, which has hindered her ability to study as a Christian counsellor at Tabor College.  Since the healing service her headaches and dizziness have gone away.
5.  Stephen – We have been waiting for Steve to make a commitment to Christ for over a year.  He has been attending, with his wife and although he clearly prays and worships he has so far avoided any commitment.  On Sunday this changed and he made a commitment.  Heaven rejoices!  Steve is a degree qualified Geologist.

As you know I am a PhD qualified scientist with three separate science degrees – two of them from a world top ten university, so I am not easily fooled.   There was no emotionalism with your message and the approach appears to be both rational and Bible based – no one was forced to say they were better when they were not and there were an awful lot of surprised faces.  That is; they had come forward expecting nothing and were surprised when their symptoms disappeared!

Mark Goldstone (Dr).

Dr. Mark commanding healing upon his wife, Dr. Sandie