Peter was trained as he viewed the 10-part video Hell’s Second Best Kept Secret” on YouTube. For several years Peter served very fruitfully and faithfully at Modern Jesus Army in Northampton, where he hosted The Elijah Challenge in December 2011.


Love & miraculous healings—instead of “stuffing Christianity down people’s throats”—wins souls to Christ in post-Christian England

August 2013


Miraculous healings confirming the gospel in post-Christian England

August 2013


Miracles & “breaking the ground” at the Rock & Bike Festival in England

July 2013


“Prophets of Baal” completely outdone by trained disciples in post-Christian England

 July 2013


Jesus heals 68 people at secular YNOT Festival in England

August 2013


The Lord uses novices in miraculous healings at the One Love Festival 2013 in London

August 2013


An unusual testimony of God’s grace on a transgender believer

September 2013


Large ovarian cyst disappears overnight in England

October 2012


Nearly 200 touched by God at very secular Y Not? Festival in the UK

August 2012


Many miraculous healings at New Age Festival in the United Kingdom

July 2012


Healing Evangelism Going Grassroots in the Modern Jesus Army in the UK

August 2012


A miraculous healing in “post-Christian” England

September 2012


Healing Evangelism by bus in Central London

August 2012


The Elijah Challenge at Modern Jesus Army – December 2011

Blind man’s sight restored the following month


Peter and trained disciples boldly heal the sick at open-air Umbrella Fair

The infirm testify of being healed by the Lord


Woman miraculously healed of worsening stomach cancer

Touched by God at evangelistic meeting


Two testimonies of miraculous healing

Two believing women healed in Jesus’ name


Diagnosed bowel cancer in woman vanishes

Woman in the US healed as Peter and other disciples minister to her from a distance


Reports of greater miraculous healings, reaching out to a Musl–__m

Musl–__m man healed, severe toothache immediately vanishes


Peter’s initial reports of miraculous healings

after being trained by viewing the videos