“Greetings from Cameroon, Africa. God has widened the circle of pastors and leaders who are requesting The Elijah Challenge (TEC) Training. I have established my living quarters and have been participating in various services and ministering while meeting and developing new contacts. I am receiving very enthusiastic responses to the Training. Just this past weekend I met with an association of pastors to give them a 15-minute introduction. After the introduction I asked if there was anyone experiencing pain. Only one (an Apostle) of about 12 people present responded. He said he has been having migraine headaches off and on for the last 10 years.

From American missionary Alan Robinson in Central Africa

I used this opportunity to demonstrate how authority, power and mountain-moving faith work to reach the lost. I put both my hands where the pain was, commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ name, and it left within seconds. The apostle tried to find the pain which had been there just seconds ago but the Lord had healed him on the spot. This excited the group of pastors and I was told later that all of them want me to train their churches. Later that evening at a church service ten people came up for healing. One by one the Lord instantly healed every one of them, including the pastor’s wife. To my surprise, one of them was knocked several feet from where I was standing as I was ministering—as I touched the area of the pain very lightly. My level of faith has grown tremendously, and I’m sensing that God is going to do tremendous works in the day and months to come here in Cameroon. I will be watching your online Webinar this coming Thursday.”

Reports from Alan Robinson