Pastor Van Peng hosted The Elijah Challenge in July 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar

“I came to the United States from Burma (Myanmar) with my wife to attend the “Walk to Emmaus” held by the United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas. This was my first trip to the USA.

I attended a Conference which took place February 18 to 31 (2016) at Camp Young Judaea in Wimberley, Texas. My son Steven took me to the Conference by car from Austin. It was nearly dark when we arrived. My son dropped me off and he drove back to Austin.

At the Conference I was warmly welcomed. I entered the hall for orientation and I took a seat. While seated there I saw a man walk in with difficulty with the help of a cane. He came toward me, and sat down beside me. I greeted him and introduced myself to him. His name was Samuel Johnson, and he was from Oakhill United Methodist Church in Austin. I asked him why he needed the cane. He said he had had pain in his right knee for months. After the orientation each of us participants retired to our room.

The next day early in the morning when it was still dark the sound of a bell woke me. Even though I had been in deep sleep following my long 23-hour flight from Myanmar (Burma) during which I slept little, I got up. The Conference started with an early morning prayer meeting.

Texan Sam Johnson & Burmese Van Peng

Sam Johnson walked in slowly on his cane. During the coffee break Sam and I walked out and sat on some steps near a creek not far from the Conference hall. There we laid our hands on Sam’s right knee several times and ministered to him in the name of Jesus Christ. Afterwards Sam said he felt better. I told him that the infirmity was being healed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the second day of the Conference Sam walked into the Conference hall minus the cane. He told us that he had no more need of the cane because the pain had completely disappeared. Praise the Lord!

On the third day of the Conference a woman pastor named Yoon Min Ho approached me and asked me to minister to her husband Gary Eldridge who also had pain in his right knee. He had suffered from the pain for six months and he had to walk slowly. I told her to bring her husband to the Conference hall. Yoon, Sam Johnson, and I together ministered in Jesus’ name to Gary during a short break. Afterwards he said that he felt much better.

A week after the Conference the participants gathered together on a Sunday. There Gary testified to me that after returning home from the Conference he had no problem at all even playing cricket with his son. Before the Conference he was completely unable to run. Before when he tried to walk a bit faster he would feel severe pain.

Now both Yoon and Gary are happily testifying about his miraculous healing from the Lord. Two weeks later at the Sunday worship service of Parker Lane United Methodist Church in Austin, Sam and his wife came and gave their testimony about the miraculous healing of his leg in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Van Peng
Pastor, Hosanna Myanmar Mission
A ministry to Buddhists in Yangon, Burma

Report on The Elijah Challenge Training Event hosted by Pastor Van in July 2014: 

Historic Elijah Challenge Training Event in Buddhist Myanmar with many healed