Houston, Texas

May 2013

The Elijah Challenge in North America

We taught The Elijah Challenge to a small group of called disciples who had gathered from Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio for the Union Baptist Association Equipping Institute. During the course of the Training, we had the disciples lay hands on those with infirmities to confirm the Scripture-based teaching. Every single person who received ministry testified that the Lord had healed them. Some with infirmities were healed by the Lord even before anyone laid hands on them.

Among the participants were four servants of God.

1.  Daryll pastors a newly planted congregation in the Sunnyside area of Houston and was our host for the Training. He received The Elijah Challenge Training very enthusiastically, and we are confident that the Lord will be using him to heal the sick and cast out demons very powerfully.

Daryll is also on dialysis and is awaiting a kidney transplant. But as he was ministered, he actually felt the Lord’s healing power—like electricity—at work in his body and on his kidneys. We are confident there will be a dramatic turnaround in the results of his next medical examination.

We believe that the double portion of the spirit of Elijah will come upon Daryll, enabling him to preach repentance and holiness with great boldness. As with Elijah at Mt. Carmel, may the Lord send the fire of miraculous healing in Daryll’s ministry to confirm his preaching of holiness—and to bring the backslidden and corrupt leaders in his area back to the Lord in repentance.

2. Brenda Yu
is a China-born public school teacher based in Dallas. She drove the 5 hours down to Houston to attend the Training, making it the third time she has sat through it. There is a strong calling on her life for service to the kingdom of God, especially in China. Later this month she will go to China on a mission trip to teach.

3. Libin
is a young, sharp, India-born servant of God who serves in Missions at Sugar Creek Baptist Church, a Houston megachurch. We hope that the Lord will enable him to use The Elijah Challenge Training in the many missions and outreaches sponsored by Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

4. Roy Eby
is a former Special Forces officer and newly-ordained minister of the gospel based at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Last summer the Air Force issued a document forbidding the sharing of the gospel within its ranks. One recent document authored for the Air Force by an anti-Christian atheist even likened believers sharing their faith to terrorists. Roy does not intend to obey any policy which outlaws the sharing of the gospel at the Air Force Base.