In October 2009 Jackie viewed the video of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training via this website. After that the Lord began to use her powerfully to heal the sick and cast out demons via the internet.

“The Lord opened the door for me to teach people what the Lord Jesus has taught me on humble worship and it is becoming a success quickly and we have been promoting your teaching and others as to the training we have received so they too can learn. We just had our 3rd crusade and I had to write you because this third crusade had over 200-220 people there. There were many demonic manifestations, but the best part that encouraged me was the Lord leading two people to come to me for healing.

The first was a man who had multiple back injuries and traumas from accidents and suffered pain and problems on his spine where his neck and upper trapezius muscle are and then on his lower back as well. I rebuked it in faith believing for him to be healed. It was not an easy case; it took three times to “move that mountain” out of the way but by the third time the pain left and he and his wife were praising God.

The Holy Spirit told the wife that she and her husband could do it too. Then she confessed to me that they too had learned your teachings and had personally attended your conference. I don’t know if it was the one you had in New York or not, but I told them “yes, you can do this.” I encouraged them to come back and to continue to learn from the Elijah Challenge teachings and apply what they learned. It looks like the Lord is leading them to go down the same path of healing and deliverance.

Then the next person was an older woman who had arthritis of the knee. Just in case I asked her to repent and renounce any unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment.  Right after that I exercised the authority given to me by Jesus Christ and rebuked that arthritis violently.  It left and I told her to get up and walk in faith. After she walked awhile I asked her how she felt, and she said she didn’t feel anything anymore. I was praising God!

Every time God heals or delivers someone I am still so blessed to be apart of it. He is the one who has the power and the glory. I am encouraged to see more miracles and healings like this happen in the next crusades to come. Eventually I am aiming for me and my husband to go to the streets of New York and the Lord to do miracles, healings & deliverances everywhere so everyone can see the power of God, and their hearts transformed forever for the Lord Jesus Christ because He lives today!”