In October 2009 Jackie viewed the video of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training via this website. She then wrote us:

“i just finished your basic training for the Elijah Challenge. It has been an amazing teaching for me and i have copied a lot of it into a journal that i write in daily called God’s Kingdom On Earth…since i watched all your videos online i would copy important things you said and scriptures to back them up and i have learned so much. I came across your website because i was learning about biblical truths through a friends video online on you tube and i told him i could barely watch his videos without constant distractions in my mind…he sent me an audio cast on mass deliverance with Win Worley and he sent me a link to your website to learn more about deliverance and the authority and power we Christians possess through Jesus Christ through The Elijah Challenge and God’s word. So i got delivered and then i went to your site and started watching your video’s. Mind you before all this happened i had already asked the Lord if he would send me to schools with free teachings or free teachings in general to further understand my place in ministry and the prophetic because i have also been having dreams that have been coming to pass…

So with this journey of learning more about the prophetic i have also learned about deliverance…So far my grandmother’s body has been healed through deliverance and when i watched your first video for basic training i started casting out demons and diseases and i saw a lot of things happen. For example on my left wrist i believed i had the beginning signs of carpel tunnel from massage therapy i use to do in the past and whenever i would use my left hand and wrist in anything it would hurt more so recently and i would get stiffness in the muscles that i never had before. When i learned this teaching i casted it out in the name of Jesus and i literally felt it leave my wrist and on the first day 50% of the pain was gone so i remember you spoke about mountain moving faith so i just continued to pray over it from time to time. I had to constantly fight a mental battle to continue believing i was healed cause i kept on getting negative thoughts that i wasn’t healed and i had to constantly rebuke evil thoughts,spirits so i can continue to believe for my healing. On the second day i felt pain and i casted it out again and on the second day i felt 75% healed and by the 3rd day i was a 100% healed and noticed i could rest my palm face down and put pressure to push myself up and there was no pain and it hasn’t returned ever since! Praise God…and i have had sickness and demons return to torment me and when i heard i believe your 2 or 3rd video about how they can return i then understood what i needed to do and i rebuked them and cast them out and it has been an amazing journey of healing and wholeness..

i recently did a deliverence with my mom..she has schizophrenia and i’m gonna believe to continue working with her for her healing even just today she let me command my authority over her to cast out demons and sicknesses which has been a process just to do that..some people are not always ready to receive this teaching so i am being patient and am working slowly with them …and so little by little i’m stepping out in faith with my family members, friends, and church members …I still believe i have much to learn but this is a teaching not being taught in churches and i would like to receive more training manuals or powerpoints for the advanced training..i downloaded everything for the basic training…i have also downloaded the advanced training audio mp3’s…do you happen to have the advanced training on video yet to watch?You can hear the audio but it can be distracting with the background noise so i’m trying to use my computer equalizer to somehow lower the background noise lol… either way i am thankful for it and know i will learn a lot..

i have had dreams about healing.. one where the Lord used me to heal someone through a word of knowledge and told me specific scripture “by your wounds we were made whole” and then i said so be made whole in the name of Jesus and as i prayed i felt the presence of the Lord on my left hand with warmth and tingling while healing him and the healing continuing to do so as he walked away and then i had another dream where i had two words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit one saying just say the name of Jesus and i knew that there is power in His name and then later in that dream the Holy Spirit told me to sing since the Holy Spirit lives in me and there is power in that and because i have a gift for singing and when i sang in the street these two ladies talking to each other, it was like whatever stronghold or yoke that was attached to them broke, and they began praising the Lord…my point in this is as i have watched your video’s i have learned a lot about the gift of healing and authority of healing and wonder if i will be a part of that..the thing about dreams is you have to wait for them to come to pass but the one about the singing and healing is coming to pass now because i am having to battle and cast these demons out so they will leave me alone almost like a warfare and that was also apart of the dream and i had that dream back in july 2009 …

i have already got 2 confirmations from one person that when me and her talk about this healing ministry and it’s possibilities and how the Lord led me to all of this and then she has felt the Holy Spirits presence as confirmations and she has a prophetic ministry and she said for sure the Lord is with me so i’m trying to do my part and step in faith and learn as much as i can from your teachings and try to apply this to whomever i can until more doors open or wherever the Lord leads…..

so i am alone in training for this but at least it’s something powerful and truthful and can be backed up with scripture…many do not believe they can be possessed by demons when they are already saved this is the biggest deal with believers.. but as i press through i believe i will reach people cause i have already started reaching my family and people online to receive this teaching and it is working for them…and as more doors of opportunity arise i believe the Lord will show all of his glory for the Kingdom…i am really excited about what the Lord is gonna do…anyways.. on your slides you mentioned to reach you if you want more training documents for advanced you have the power points for the advanced training?…Anything will be great! God bless and thank you for freely teaching what was freely given!”