Elijah Challenge-trained Subodh Kumar is based in Orissa, India
June 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

Last week the Lord did an incredible healing for a young Hindu man named Lalu Meher. For the past month he had been suffering from malaria in his brain. He took some medicine prescribed by the doctor in Bhawanipatna. After taking the medicine it did not work out and his temperature did not drop.

Again he consulted with the doctors and they advised him to go to the biggest hospital called Burla Hospital where there is a Medical College. They hired a four wheeler and took him there. This is the biggest hospital in western Orissa.

There the doctor did all kinds of tests and prescribed medicine. He was there for a few days but it was the same as before. The dear doctors said that they could not do anything else for him.

Last week on Wednesday morning the family brought him to our house and described for us the situation.

We just encouraged them not to worry and to believe in Jesus, and He will heal you.  We ministered to him and they went back home. While we were ministering he had his head was feverish. In the evening we called them. Wonderfully, he did not have the fever anymore but there was still some heaviness in his head.

The next evening we went and ministered to him again. The Lord graciously touched him and healed him. Now he has no more fever and no pain. Praise the Lord our Almighty God saved him along with his family members.

What a wonderful and loving God we serve. His family believed in Jesus, and they hope all the family members will accept the Christ.