October 2013

Kester Okonoboh of Nigeria trained with The Elijah Challenge under Rev. Emmanuel Rhema, our Africa Coordinator. After that Kester conducted a Crusade at an Assemblies of God Church. Below is his report.

“The crusade was held at Aladja community in Delta State in Nigeria—a place dominated by the spirit of violence & rebellion, the spirit of serpentine immorality, and the spirit of idolatry. The crusade which lasted for three days (October 24-26) was held at Ekoagbon Junction in Aladja. We partnered with the Assemblies of God Church in Aladja.

The crusade started on Thursday, October 24. It was rainy heavily that day so we couldn’t start on time. The attendance was about 49 including choristers and pastors. One person was healed from an abscess through a word of knowledge.

On the second day the attendance was about 68 adults and 24 children. We recorded about 8 souls saved. Two were healed of back pain and leg pain through a word of knowledge.  After ministering to them one on one, another person was healed (improved) from fever. We closed at 9:02 pm.

On the third day over 70 people came, including children. We recorded two souls who gave their heart to Jesus. Neck pain of about three years was healed, a mysterious cough was healed, a headache was healed, a boy with partial deafness and dumbness due to sickness/accident was partially healed, but a small boy who was deaf and dumb was not healed. (I don’t understand why such an innocent child could be bound by satan.) There was deliverance from a “spirit husband”, a spirit of anger, etc., after the Sunday service on October 27.

Thanks to The Elijah Challenge Training Manual and thanks to Rev. Emmanuel Abdullahi Rhema.”