From February 24th through the 26th in 2017 The Elijah Challenge Training was given to pastors and leaders from various churches in the cities of Ponta Grossa and Curitiba and their surrounding areas in the state of Paraná, Brazil. In the Training they were equipped from the gospels and Acts to heal the sick as Jesus’ early disciples did in Acts as they proclaimed the gospel to the known world.



Deaf ear could hear

Toward the end of each session, people with infirmities were invited forward to be prayed over in Jesus’ name as had just be taught. One woman came forward who was completely deaf in her right ear due to an injury she had suffered as a child. A woman pastor stepped forward to minister healing to her with the Lord’s power and authority. The Lord began to restore her hearing in front of everyone. After three or four times of ministry during which her hearing progressively improved, she testified that she could hear well.



Pastors minister healing at a distance (Luke 7) during session

At the final training session on Sunday morning we had the pastors come forward with their mobile phones to minister healing at a distance to people with infirmities who were not physically present. Our Lord Jesus had done this in Luke 7 when he ministered healing to the servant of the centurion from a distance using authority alone. In John 14:12 the Lord had promised that believers would do the works that He did.

After each pastor called and had the person needing healing on the line, they commanded healing over them in Jesus’ name with authority. The Lord’s healing power was in such a way manifest in those needing healing, and each testified over the phone that they were either healed or experienced a marked difference in their condition. One woman who was actually blind had her sight restored in such a way.


Our host Pastor Claudemir de Mattos (center) of the Jerusalem Evangelical Church in Ponta Grossa

During the main Sunday evening service of our host church, many more people were miraculously healed as the trained servants of God ministered to them with the laying on of hands and authority. One woman testified that she could no longer feel the tumor which she had on her breast.

The miraculous healings that evening were the evidence that the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the One True God who created the heavens and the earth, and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him.


People in wheelchairs were healed and cancer disappeared

At the Sunday evening service of another pastor who had just attended the Training that weekend, we were told that people in wheelchairs were healed and that cancer had disappeared. Several other pastors who had attended the Training also sent testimonies of miraculous healings which had just taken place in their own ministries.

On March 4 the following month, Pastor Claudemir wrote us: …”after the seminar, several ministers called me saying they put into practice what had been taught by you and your wife, and dozens of miraculous healings took place and continue to take place…a wonderful thing has happened.”

“…após o seminario, varios pastores me ligaram dizendo que colocaram em prática o que foi ensinado por você e tua esposa, o ocorreu dezenas de curas e continua acontecendo, coisa maravilhosa o que tem acontecido.”

Report from Reviva Comunidade Cristã in Curitiba

On March 15 the following month we received the following from Pastor Walter of Relive Christian Community of Curitiba who had attended the Training:

“Bom dia, meus irmãos em Cristo. A ministração em Ponta Grossa nos trouxe muita luz e já estamos praticando e multiplicando. Sejam abençoados!” 

Google translation: “The ministry in Ponta Grossa has brought us a lot of light and [we] are already practicing and multiplying [it]. Be blessed!”

Our hosts are now planning much wider Training Events and Visitation of God Events in Ponta Grossa and Curitiba for August 2017. The overwhelmingly primary purpose of the Training is to equip God’s people to preach the gospel with power as it was in Acts and to fulfill the Great Commission during these Last Days.




Brazil: The Lord continued to heal the sick after people returned home from Gospel Event

Infirm women in Brazil run on stage and around sanctuary after being touched by the Lord