By Subodh Jena Kumar

I have a wonderful testimony. In the month of December 2011 I was at a place called Dabraguda (in Orissa, India) to teach the Basic Training. There was a brother named Prarita Raita who attended the Training. After that he went home to his nearby village. Last week he went to a place called Chandiput on business. In the evening he saw a young girl carried by her family. They were bringing her back from the hospital. She was in very serious condition, and not able to walk or even talk. The doctor could not help because a sorcerer had put a curse on her. When Prarita saw her he wanted to minister to her but they are Hindu and might not allow him. But nevertheless he asked them, and he was allowed to pray for her  two or three times. However, nothing happen. Finally he commanded her “to rise and walk in Jesus’ name” [as he had been taught in the Basic Training]. At that very moment she got up with the help of her family and started walking.

But the people thought that Brother Prarita was the sorcerer who had put the curse on the girl. So that night they tied him up and kept him in the Hindu temple. The next morning he explained to them that he was not a sorcerer, but a simple believer of Jesus Christ. The entire family came to Christ after hearing all this. Praise the Lord! Below is a photo of the Basic Training in Dabraguda.

After a brother named Surendra Saraf received the Lord Jesus Christ his wife quarreled with him and asked him not to go to church. He was very upset and asked me for prayer. After a few days his wife’s left leg started to hurt and it got worse and worse. She was not able to stand and walk .Surendra brought her to our home. Rosy and I ministered to her and she felt warmness in her leg. Then they returned home. The next morning she called Rosy and told her that she was alright. She was able to walk without any problem. Now both of them are coming to church. What a wonderful God we serve.


Prarita with the long hair is seated behind Subodh one person away on the left side