Manhattan, New York City

On November 26, 2011, Pastor Mel Melato and Richard Keltner of Omega Man Radio hosted a Healing & Deliverance Crusade at a Marriott Hotel in Manhattan, New York City. Of the five servants of God who ministered at this event, four of them had trained with The Elijah Challenge. Sister Jacklyn Robles who wrote this report trained via internet videos.

“To God be all the glory with what He did at the Crusade. It went really well there. I led praise and worship and then worked with Pastor Carl Henderson and his wife Celine and the group after the guest speakers spoke. I was one of the trained ministers of healing there.

Over 100 people showed up, and there were 19 to 21 known miraculous healings. There were also many demonic manifestations with which we all had to deal. The Lord used me to minister healing to a woman who had feminine bleeding problems and a demonic attack on her foot, and she was healed. Another woman with tendonitis of the ankle was healed. A woman with eye trauma with pain and headaches was healed. Carpel tunnel was healed and shoulder pains healed. I just wished I could have ministered to more; it was awesome.

I know as the Lord continues to use me wherever I go I will teach this. When the door opens in my new church I will teach it as well. In the meantime I see that all of this training is a part of my ministry with praise and worship and the youth. When I get the chance to teach them, it will be really amazing because they now don’t know how much authority they really have. We will see it in God’s timing.

Even my husband Luis has become more “hands on” ministering healing to himself at home and seeing results. The crusades and teachings on healing have really motivated us both to be more confident in the Lord. As He increases us little by little we get really excited to see what God can do through.”