October 10, 2017

 Hello – Please provide me with information on the training event for heart healing…God Bless You, Rodney

Thank you for writing us, Rodney. Do you live anywhere near Houston?

No, I live in the San Francisco Bay area.

Would it be possible to conduct the healing over the phone? Thanks So Much.

Yes, Rodney, we will connect you with some trained Elijah Challenge disciples who will be able to minister miraculous healing to you effectively. 


October 11

Hello – Yesterday I received word that a phone healing could be conducted in a couple of days. Please pray for me now as I am confronted with many immediate prospects that I would rather do without (i.e., shocks from my defibrillator, surgery, difficulty getting to where I am treated). I look forward to becoming trained to testify and heal according to God’s promises and my own experience. I am dealing with life-threatening tachycardia, an enlarged right ventricle, many adverse side effect of medication, etc. I need to see the power of God happen in my life soon….God Bless You, Rodney


October 15 

Hello – I wrote to you regarding the healing of my heart. You referred me to Shar, Teddy, Gabriel Murphy, and that was very much appreciated…


December 2

Hello Elijah Challenge – I wanted to express my gratitude for the miraculous healing that has taken place, as a result of the faithful service rendered by our sister Shar Murphy. With her tireless commitment to my deliverance and healing, I can now say that I am a new man, washed in the Blood, with the incredible added blessing of a totally renovated physical heart. I pray that God continues to use His Redeemed to demonstrate His Love and Compassion, as has been shown to me….ALLELULIA!