Chris Hussey & Abundant Life Christian Church in New have hosted The Elijah Challenge Training

May 2013 

“We are seeing many healed inside the church and outside.  Several of our people are doing what we call a ‘treasure hunt’.  They simply pray and ask God to reveal someone that He wants to touch.  God gives a vision or an impression of the person, they go up and ask if they need prayer.  They take authority over the infirmity, and they are healed. Several have come to Christ as a result.  It is very exciting!!!

Your ministry is such a blessing to all.”

June 2013

“[Such treasure-hunting] teams have gone into the community—usually Walmart, Home depot or another store—to seek for someone to whom to demonstrate the power of God, healing them from their infirmity for the purpose of bringing them to Christ.  So far at least five people have trusted Christ.  We started this ministry in January and many expressed a desire to join a team.”