Brother Subodh has hosted The Elijah Challenge in Orissa on two separate occasions.

April 4, 2012

Let me share you a miracle which took place through our believer Bhupindhar Raut. Three years back they experienced a great miracle in their family. They were from the  Gouda family, a traditionally Hindu family.

For two months an orthodox Hindu family had been renting Brother Bhupindhar’s house. The Hindu man worked in the Union Bank of India. They have a four-year-old girl named Gudly, who was sick with a dry cough for fifteen days. They took to the doctor who gave her some medicine, but to no avail.

Brother Bhupindhar witnessed her condition for one or two days. He could not keep quiet and so remembering John 14:12 he ministered to her directly. The Lord miraculously healed the little girl.

Brother Bhupindhar brought them to our home and told me that he did not know the word of God much, but remembered what I had taught last year. So he tried and the little girl was healed. The orthodox Hindu man believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, and is willing to come to the service.

Praise the Lord for using an “ordinary” believer to bring the Hindus to Christ.