May 2014

Neil Pressley is an African-American servant of God who ministers in the Atlantic City area of New Jersey.

“So much has happened since we were trained last year [at the Atlantic City area Training].  The best thing is that our confidence in seeing the miracles has grown.  Although we have not held a massive healing yet…many are being healed in the name of Jesus.

First, there was a little girl about three years old…she had a urinary tract infection…where she had painful urination.  The day of her visit to the doctor…my wife and I administered healing in the name of Jesus Christ…and she WAS HEALED…since we administered healing the child has not had any pain or discomfort.

Second…there was a lady with pain in her knees and back…my wife laid hands upon her…the woman said she felt heat…we told her it was the healing power of God…the pain left her body and she was able to move her knees and bend over.. 

A Baptist pastor…came with excruciating pain in the neck and shoulders…when he entered the room he could barely walk…my wife and I ministered healing to him in Jesus’ name, and all pain left his body.  We commanded the nerves…joints…muscles and bones to be healed.  He walked out the room without any pain.

  • Met two other women diagnosed with cancer…One lady we ministered to face to face…the other was via text message.  We commanded the cancer TO LEAVE THEIR BODIES…AND AS MY WIFE MINISTERED to the lady face to face…the lady stated she began to feel heat coming from my wife’s hands…she began trembling, and we continued to command the cancer to go…a few weeks ago she testified that her health has drastically improved…her doctor confirmed the cancer cells are leaving her body…and the woman stated it is not due to treatment…
  • The woman WE MINISTERED TO VIA TEXT MESSAGE…I texted a healing command…similar to this:  I command Cancer to leave your body right NOW!!!  I speak to every nerve…every cell…and every tissue in your body and command it to be restored…I speak to your immune system…and command it to be strengthened right now…all pain and discomfort GO!!!  She was instructed to read the message aloud…the woman initially stated that she was at stage 4…AND HAS RECENTLY BEEN DECREASED TWO STAGES…THE MOUNTAIN IS MOVING…
  • Most recently…Evangelist Charlene Taylor…testified that she was diagnosed by her doctor with a cyst and also fluid in her fallopian tubes…she was concerned the cyst would be cancerous…my wife and I…along with Pastor Kevin commanded her body to be totally healed in the name of Jesus Christ…my wife laid hands and commanded the cyst to dissolve…and to return no more…on Sunday Charlene testified that the cyst is gone…and the fluid in her Fallopian tubes has dried up!!!

Now here’s the funny thing…my wife and I attended a healing service.  The preacher preached his sermon…and afterwards called for the sick to come be healed.  One man came up who had back pain…the preacher laid hands on his back…and began to rub his hand rapidly in a circular motion…and said be healed.  He asked the man if he felt any heat…the man said yes…the preacher said that is the healing power of God….I leaned to my wife and said no way…that’s friction…Oh, the DRAMA!!!!