After an African man named Mohammed converted to Christ, furious Muslims attacked him viciously, stabbing him and throwing him to his death from a four-story building. Doctors tried in vain to resuscitate him. After he died the Lord Jesus appeared to him along with angels and ministered to him.

Three days later Mohammed came back to life.  

He began to share his incredible testimony. Hundreds of Muslims put their faith in Jesus as a result.

After coming back to life, however, Mohammed continued to suffer from the severe injuries which had earlier resulted in his death. Among other things, he could only limp along as he leaned on a cane. Because of injuries to his cervical vertebrae, he had to wear a neck brace.

Then Mohammed met with Elijah Challenge Board Members Kurt & Mary Simms who were on a mission trip to Africa, and who had been ministering and teaching The Elijah Challenge in the area. Over breakfast at their hotel he shared his riveting testimony. After much fellowship in the Lord, Kurt and Mary along with their daughter Victoria ministered healing to his vertebrae, abdomen, and legs in Jesus’ name. As they laid hands on him with power and authority, Mohammed was miraculously healed. He immediately stood up and walked along with Kurt—without his cane. He removed his neck brace and discovered he could move his neck freely. He gave praise to Jesus Christ.

Mohammed has now adopted Kurt and Mary as his spiritual parents.


Mary, Kurt, Mohammed, and Victoria (Kurt & Mary’s daughter)

Mohammed begins to walk next to Kurt without the cane

Mohammed’s no-longer-needed cane