A few of the people who were ‘group ministered’ to by our group of five Elijah Challenge-trained believers:

Hard Rock Cafe

A man who worked at the door outside of Hard Rock Cafe responded to our sign for ‘free miraculous healing’. This man who was most likely in his early 20’s, told us about how he had lower back and body pain as a result of a car accident. He had a large scar on his arm that he showed us from the accident and said he would be relieved to no longer have this pain. We ministered to him as we had learned by laying on of hands to the body part affected and rebuked the pain in the name of Jesus. We asked how he felt and he was surprised to feel much better. While his pain lessened, it was not completely gone. So, we rebuked the pain a second time and commanded his body to be healed and whole. This man moved all around in an attempt to feel anymore pain that he had been experiencing before telling us in full astonishment that it was gone! He commented on a tingling warm sensation when we laid our hands on him but that there wasn’t anymore pain. Praise God! He went back to working.

Security door man inside a shopping entrance

We then encountered another man who was also working as a security/door man at the entrance of another building. He would greet people as they walked by and thank them for shopping when they left. A person in our group found out that he had full body pain that he was struggling with. Since he worked on his feet standing in one spot for his shift, I imagine the pain he told us about would be particularly bothersome. We ministered to him as Jesus and his disciples ministered to the sick. We rebuked the pain three different times and each time it lessened. This man said the pain was at about a 6 to him, and was significantly reduced to approximately a 2 out of 10. He told us that he was a believer of Jesus and thanked us for praying over him. He needed to continue working.

Street performer & dancer

One of the last men we ministered to was a young man who asked us what we were about. He was a street performer and exotic dancer in the evenings. This man read our sign and told us right away that he had a wrist injury. Later he told us of a leg pain too. This testimony was already submitted to the website but I wanted to add a couple things that stood out to me in meeting him. This man without hesitation believed that the power of Jesus, expressed through his followers, could heal his injury. His wrist injury was immediately healed by laying on of hands, and then he told us he had a second injury but it was one ‘he could live with.’ When we told him Jesus can heal that too he accepted prayer and he was surprised to tell us that pain immediately left too! After, he did accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and prayed the prayer of salvation. It was very refreshing to meet someone who didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, but yet wanted to know more and believed in the power of Jesus— he did have an amount of faith! This man voluntarily told us that he grew up Catholic in South America, but hadn’t ever accepted the gift of salvation. One person in our group led him in the salvation prayer and all of us prayed in agreement. This man received more than a healed wrist and leg that day on the Strip! This guy was my favorite that we ministered to, mostly because he was not the type of individual most of us would ‘think’ would want to receive healing! But he did, and he didn’t even have any hangups about asking for healing when his injury was caused by dancing. And Jesus didn’t have hang-ups healing him either. What a good reminder to me that healing is not only for those I somehow perceive as ‘worthy’! None of us are worthy by our actions. But we were all worth it to God. Jesus died for all people not just some people. Just like the gift of salvation is extended to all people, healing through the power of Jesus can be extended to all people too! But we as believers have to act!    




Testimonies from other Las Vegas Training participants


As a ‘trainee’ ministering on the Las Vegas Strip, I learned a number of things in the short amount of time we walked down the Strip. One main thing I learned was that we cannot presume to know who wants to experience the life transforming power of Jesus. We ourselves, don’t know who has been searching for His Truth. It was very surprising to me to hear rejections from individuals who very obviously (from what I could see) needed healing in their life for physical problems, pain or sickness. Equally surprising to me, was who accepted healing. This experience showed me not to presume or judge, but to just ask individuals if they would like to experience healing today. After all, God desires ALL people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth (I Tim 2:4). By today’s standards, this is quite an ‘unconventional’ way to share the gospel! But

Jesus’ standard was to heal the sick so people could experience his power first hand and KNOW that he was and is the son of the one true God.

1 Corinthians 2:4 Paul’s words

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

Ministering on the Las Vegas Strip and applying all that we had learned about using the power and authority given to us by Jesus was definitely a game changer! It was an 
excellent opportunity to see how effective sharing the gospel can be! VERY effective and powerful. Its also a faith builder for the Christian! Personally, I felt nervous and apprehensive when first walking down the Strip with signs that read ‘free miraculous healing’ to draw people in. But once I started seeing God’s power in action its really amazing. We can’t afford to NOT obey Jesus’ commands to us — heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom of God (Luke Chapters 9 & 10)! And its immensely more exciting to heal the sick and share about Jesus!!! It all starts by asking someone. We have to open our mouth and just start talking to people. God will do the rest when we are faithful to adhere to what the Bible says about healing the sick and proclaiming the Kingdom of God! After all, we have the SAME power in us that raised Jesus from the dead!!! That finally became real to me at The Elijah Challenge!

Romans 8:11

If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you. (ESV)

Thank you, Elijah Challenge teachers!!! The teaching from each of you was excellent. I can honestly say I have never attended such a good training. I truly appreciate how you are able to break down ‘complicated topics’ of the Bible (healing, Jesus’ power) into easy to understand information. I also fully 
appreciate that you are careful to NOT include man’s tradition or doctrine in the teaching. You are very careful to only teach what the scripture says about Jesus’ ministry and how we are to share the gospel. No additions! Undoubtedly, you have the gift of teaching and demonstrate extreme graciousness. It seems everyone says that!  I cannot say enough good words about my experience in this Las Vegas training and each of the Elijah Challenge ministers. It was very nice to meet every single person in the weekend Training Event and team up together for God and form new friendships. I very much want this experience to be had by every believer and hope that others will become interested in my home state too!”

“…Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching & the great humility you both show. I definitely do feel like I received training from ‘superstar preachers’ with you both minus the arrogance & tricks!”

-Susan M. is a Molecular Biologist in the area of Genomics based in Utah