Brother Gerhard is a German national who lives in Taiwan, and attended The Elijah Challenge Training held there in June 2011

“I have heard many good news how your Elijah Challenge is ministering successfully in many countries in the world. May the Lord bless you, your team and your work abundantly and continue this wonderful work in an even more amazing way under His guidance and blessings.

Thanks to that one week in Taiwan [during which I attended your Training] together with Mission Harmony a lot of things have changed in my Christian life. I have experienced so many great things in these few days and met so many wonderful people that I am truly grateful for these blessings.

You have been an outstanding teacher during that time telling us that …’we originally have the power given by our Lord Jesus to drive out demons’… These words have been a real eye opener, the first time someone telling me the truth about this fact in my nearly 50 years as a Christian…

…Three months ago I met a Singaporean mother with her daughter during lunch. She told me that she watched our prayer’s evening online and saw a Westerner (me) amoung all the Chinese. She immediately felt that I could heal her daugther suffering from depression for many years. I did what you taught me, after the healing ministry they left immediately.

One month later they were looking for me, telling me with a smiling face that the daughter was completetly healed, did not have to take medicine anymore and was preparing to for a Singaporean university exam! The money she gave me I put in the box which we used in the same afternoon for raising money for disadvantaged children and family!

Thanks again for meeting you two great active Christians who will serve as my encouraging role models for the challenges to come! It’s great that your teaching is available freely on YouTube, I know that many Christians are looking for new ways to serve Him better! May you be blessed in 2012, you are truly outstanding!”