“Dear Sir, I’ve been listening to some of the videos on The Elijah Challenge and I would like for you to pray for my mother. As I type this letter, my mother is struggling to live. Yesterday they took her off the ventilator and allowed her to breath on her on. This morning, the nurse, in ICU, called and said she was having trouble breathing and they were going to place the mask on her and force air into her lungs; if this fail, they are going to put her back on the ventilator.

My mother is suffering from end stage kidney failure, complicated by heart issues and abdominal aortic aneurysm, which could burst at any moment.  I know that God is able to do all things and He has been keeping her in a mighty way. She is weakened by all she has gone through and I would like healing, deliverance and restoration for her body.”

-Received February 10, 2016 from “Mary”

We then referred and connected “Mary” with our trained co-workers Sarhonda & Gabriel Murphy (Shar & Teddy). Two days later, Mary sent the following…

February 12, 2016 

“Dear Sarhonda, I want to thank you for praying for my mom. When I contacted The Elijah Challenge, my mom wasn’t doing very well in ICU.

She was diagnosed with kidney failure, high blood pressure, which caused the kidney failure, her lungs were weak, her heart valve wasn’t closing correctly and she had an abdominal aortic aneurysm. The aneurysm, they said extends from her heart to her thigh.

She was admitted to the hospital on 2/2/16 and around 6am, on 2/3/16, she was unresponsive and the doctors wanted me to let her go. They said I will only be prolonging the inevitable. I told them I could not do that. They rushed her to ICU and started working on her.

Through prayers from family, friends and church family, she began to make progress and she was taken off the ventilator on 2/9/16 and given oxygen through nasal cannula.  Around 2:30am, on 2/10/16, the hospital called and said that she wasn’t doing well breathing on her all; they said they were going to put her bi pap mask to see if that would work; the nurse called later and said she was responding well.

My daughter told me she contacted The Elijah Challenge but we hadn’t heard anything and then I remembered I heard the founder, on one of the videos, give his email address. I sent him a quick note and I thank you both for your speedy response.

My mother was restless, during your session of rebuking and commanding and she began to calm down. After praying for my two brothers and me, we were leaving for the night when the nurse said that was the most calm and alert she had seen her.

The next day, she was sitting up in the bed and looking rested and alert. She told my brother and me that she wanted the mask off and the things she wanted to eat; her voice was really strong and you could understand her through the mask. You had a second round of rebuking and commanding with her and you heard her praising God through the mask and said that the mask would be coming off in a few days. I pleased to inform you that the mask is OFF; thank you, God, and thank you for this miracle.

She was talking non-stop and enjoyed some things she had been asking for. She told me, the heart doctor told the nurse to give her whatever she wanted. I know they are thinking that the aneurysm is going to take her out but I know that too is being healed in Jesus’ name.

I will continue to inform you of her progress. Thanks so much for everything, be bless as you have been a blessing, in Jesus’ name.”

Shar & Teddy continued to minister to Mary’s mother at a distance (cf. Jesus healing the centurion’s servant in Luke 7) in the name of Jesus Christ…

February 14, 2016 from Mary

“They have taken all the drugs and solutions from my mother. One of the doctors said this is the best that he’s seen her…”

Finally from Mary…

February 18, 2016

“Praise the Lord, my mom and brother told me that the kidney doctor said he is going to discharge her next week. The renal social worker came by a little while ago and said he told her she can go home today or tomorrow; he told the social worker that he would have to talk to the other doctors. When Louis and I were coming in, we passed him by at the nurse’s station and he rolled his eyes up in the ceiling and looked in the other direction, and then grunted something. Nobody’s mad but the devil. At least his partner who is from India admitted that God did it. Praise God, He did it again. My brother also said she had a restful night last night. Thanks to all of you for your love, prayers and concern. Be blessed.”

February 26

“Praise the Lord, my mom has made it home! She is so glad to be home and so are we. The Lord has worked a miracle one more time! Thanks for your prayers, love and concern. Be blessed in Jesus’ name.”

Mary’s daughter Candace and her husband Fabian then attended The Elijah Challenge Training in Franklin, Tennessee over February 26-28, 2016.

Reports from Teddy & Shar